AnyDVD HD - Beta Tester Wanted!

Prior to the official launch of AnyDVD HD we are seeking technical experienced users who want to be beta testers…

To be eligible for the beta testing, you must have:

[li]experiences with AnyDVD and DVD copying
[/li][li]a good reputation in forums like CDFreaks, Afterdawn or SlySoft
[/li][li]appropriate HD-DVD drive(s)

If you’d like to be a beta tester, please send a pm to ‘admin’ in SlySoft forum with links to some of your postings in mentioned forums.



Don’t you need an HD-DVD drive?

Oops! Yes, sure. I’ve addded this to my posting…

I would think you need a HD-DVD drive and HD-DVD media. :clap:

Thanks alan1476, you ar right :bow:

appropriate HD-DVD drive(s), HD-DVD media and Original HD-DVD Movie(s)

YAY, long live hd-dvd, i hope sony’s blue ray fails!!!

Damn wish i had a drive and media :doh:

Will there be a discount for people with registered regular AnyDVD to upgrade to AnyDVD HD?

Sorry to answer for him, but yes. AnyDVD owners will get a significant discount as James has stated publicly.

What he said was that we would Probably only have to pay the difference between the AnyDVD we own now and the new versions price which has not yet been established. Enough said.

My birthday’s coming up soon so I’m going to see if I can get the 360’s HD-DVD add on drive and maybe help out with the beta testing. :slight_smile: That depends on whether I can convince my wife to get me the drive or not. We’ll see. It would be nice though!

Then you have to have to also buy some HD-DVD media at 25$ a pop. Let me know how you make out with your wife. (I thought I heard a smack ")J/k.:flower:

Yup. James told me about Amazon’s deal going on right now so I might be able to pick up some movies. As for my wife, she’s still working so we’ll see what she thinks when she gets home. If not, I’ll have to save up for a few weeks on my own. As I told James, I just had to buy a new car so funds are a bit low right now.

HD-DVD movies, sure. But what HD-DVD media? Does anybody really has HD-DVD writer? Do they exist? (I mean, in the real world, not on paper)

I sure don’t plan on getting a burner and media any time soon! :slight_smile: For me I just want to be able to watch movies. Also, Netflix does HD-DVD rentals now as far as I know. Obviously copying those would be against the law, but, AnyDVD HD would remove the restrictions on hardware and other really VERY impressive features that will surprise a lot of people…thus making the playback of HD-DVD’s so much better. I for one am excited to try this out. And my wife is, indeed, considering the idea of getting me a drive for my b-day. :smiley: YEY!!

Where do you even get an HD-DVD burner? I have yet to see a single one (or media, for that matter) at any computer store in my city. Blu-Ray media seems fairly prevelant, though… and one store in my area even offers Lite-On’s burner for around $670… still a bit too pricey for me. No doubt a better deal than buying a TV-based player, though.

Toshiba has a SD-H903A model HD-DVD burner that’s slowly coming out. I have no idea what the price is going to be, but, at least it’s an announced product. Haven’t seen any media. But, for me, I’m not worried about burning right now. I know eventually prices will come down and we’ll get to that stage. I’m more worried about the playback experience. And I think AnyDVD HD is going to seriously improve things on that front. One of the truly SHOCKING things Slysoft has done was to add a scripts directory. You can rewrite and modify an XML document that describes the HD-DVD disc. When you pop the disc in, this script replaces the one from the disc and thus applies any changes you may have made in real time. This probably sounds confusing and a little bit of “why would you want to do that?” at the moment. But when you see this feature in action and realize the power it affords you, I think this is going to be a MAJOR feature. Especially when you eventually get into the ripping idea. Customize the disc anyway you want with these scripts, rip it to the hard drive, and then burn it back to a blank disc. SWEET!!!

HD-DVD media is out.

Yeah, I know it’s out… but I have yet to encounter a single store in my city that actually stocks any of it. It might be a different story online, but HD-DVD isn’t going to find success in the computer market only having their stuff sold online when Blu-Ray is already being offered at most major retail electronic stores (and many smaller computer stores, from what I’ve seen around here).

It will be in the stores soon.

My b-day’s in April wonder what the wife would say here :bigsmile: