AnyDVD HD Beta Discussion Thread

AnyDVD (HD) beta
NOTE: This beta version requires a valid registration key, it will not work in trial mode.

It should fix the problem with “The Last Stand” DVD, Region 1, US
(Untested, feedback welcome)

Download here: 2013 05 08

  • New (Blu-ray): Support for new discs
  • New (DVD): Support for new discs

darn beta already… lol and didn’t get chance to see how work on reacher…but I try it later here on reacher and then load beta and hopefully that doesn’t break CloneCD… or the A/V causing CloneCD to break again.

Thanks Alan. :flower:


After the update tried and CloneCD didn’t work but my laptop with same configuration CloneCD did work…again with the same A/V program. What a headache…