AnyDVD HD Activation - Windows 7

I am trying to install AnyDVD HD (lastest download) on Windows 7 64-bit RC1. I install, and I get no errors. I try to run the activation file, and it fails. Do I need a different activation file for Win7?

Orignally written by Slysoft Support Member.

Vista (W7?) and saving your nerves

We get a lot of visits to support for problems with registration on Vista systems. I can assume that the scenarios will repeat when Windows 7 becomes more prevalent.

  1. The products don’t register at all

  2. Registration is successful but the next boot shows “trial”.

Vista brings with it not only very deep navigations and a lot of “awe” in its presentations but also a lot of nerve-trying challenges to the user, Admin or otherwise. Personally, I just got a new laptop (my old one kept telling me “it’s time to say goodbye”) and it has Vista Ultimate. After battling with my rights as owner and prime user and access challenges to the most mundane of folders I decided to look a little deeper into User Account Control.

I found this and wanted to share it here in the hope that it can help save some nerves and make registering SlySoft products a little less painful.

The link proposes alternatives to simply turning off UAC with its aggravation and “We know what’s best for you” messages.

Also windows 7 is not yet supported. So you may run into problem.

Slysoft have their own forum may be you can find answer there.

Linky no work for me.

Then directly ask slysoft for help.

Don’t need help, just observing that you posted a link that doesn’t work.

[QUOTE=brokenbuga;2416449]Don’t need help, just observing that you posted a link that doesn’t work.[/QUOTE]


Guy we are trying to help no need to come off a bit rude as it seems that way the first time reading it. Turn off firewall and antivirus. If you are running spybot and teatimer turn that off also turn off windows defender… Now click start>>>programs>>>slysoft>>>>anydvd>>>>register>>>>>then navigate to the key to activate it.

Another easy way to get this resolved is to run windows in safe mode. I tested every build of win7 and there is no issues with the default win7 you have something blocking the process.