AnyDVD (HD) beta discussion

AnyDVD (HD) Beta 2017 12 18

  • New: PowerDVD 14 UHD OEM is now supported by AnyDVD’s unique Cinavia fix
  • New (Blu-ray): Support for new discs
  • New (UHD Blu-ray): Fetch AACS keys from external file for use with “UHD-friendly” drives.
    The key file location can be changed in AnyDVD settings 2017 12 19

  • New (UHD Blu-ray): Prevent “UHD friendly” drives to “lock” after some minutes of inactivity.
  • Fix (UHD Blu-ray): Prevent creation of protected images from “real” UHD drives, as it
    only works from “UHD friendly” drives.