AnyDVD (HD) BETA Discussion Thread



AnyDVD (HD) beta
Safe for everyone to try (trial is allowed for this beta). 2010 07 23

  • New: Added AnyDVD System Information shortcut
  • New: Added AppInit DLLs to sysinfo.txt
  • New (Blu-ray): Added support for new BD+ protections
  • New (Blu-ray): Updated decryption keys
  • New (Blu-ray): Removes copy control information (CCI) from transport stream
  • New (Blu-ray BDAV): Workaround for bug of some BD recorders with dual layer discs causing the second layer decryption to fail
  • New (DVD BDAV): Added support for AACS protected AVCREC discs, e.g. Japanese TV recordings
  • Fix (Blu-ray): Playback of m2ts files from discs, which are protected by BD+, could fail

Download here:

  • = new or changed from beta


Already… :confused:


Thanks Alan :bigsmile:

And they just keep a coming :iagree: :smiley:


Looks like it’s more for BD update and not much on the DVD side right now…


I like’em BD improvements, I have a BD-RW and a BD-ROM in my PC for more than one reason.


AnyDVD (HD) BETA is out already;)


Thanks, got it!