AnyDVD (HD) beta Discussion thread

AnyDVD (HD) beta

Safe for every REGISTERED user to try: 2009 07 21

  • New (Blu-ray): Added support for new BD+ protections
  • New (DVD): Added support for new copy protection, e.g. “Haunting in Connecticut”, R1, US
  • New (DVD): AI scanner improved
  • Fix (DVD): Structural repair with some discs, e.g. “Transporter 3”, R2, Germany
  • Fix (DVD): Bug introduced with, “IFOTitles 0” error with some titles, e.g. “Seven Pounds”, R2, Italy
  • Fix (DVD): Bug in AI scanner, causing parts of a DVD not to be included with some discs, e.g. “Aujourd’hui, c’est Ferrier!”, R2, France
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages

This version has updated BD+ removal. If a disc doesn’t work, please post an AnyDVD logfile created with this version. Thank you!

Additional notes:

[li]Every currently known BD+ disc should work with this version.
[/li]> [li]AACS MKB v14 is not yet supported
[/li]> [/ol]

Is anyone able to backup watchmen bluray with version??

[QUOTE=coolcolors;2311865]And I just downloaded .7 and now they have .8. Is there a time when it will be a release??? I now have to reimage and create a new image with .8. That’s too alot of work espically on the computer and imaging software. But I guess there no choice in the matter either update or fall behind… :p[/QUOTE]

That’s why it’s best to rip to ISO images and leave the protection intact until you either burn a backup or process it with another program in which case you just mount the protected image with AnyDVD HD running in the background and you’ll now have access to a disc seen as unprotected. Then you don’t have to worry about re-ripping.

[QUOTE=csrini1;2312055]Is anyone able to backup watchmen bluray with version??[/QUOTE]

The Director’s Cut only has MKB 12. There should be no issues.