AnyDVD (HD) beta Discussion Thread

AnyDVD (HD) beta
Safe for everyone to try: 2009 01 13

  • New (Blu-ray): Added support for new version of the BD+ copy protection
  • New (HD DVD): Improved the “rename highest XPL file” option.
    The DISCID.DAT file is modified, so previously downloaded web
    content will not interfere if AACS is removed.
  • New (HD DVD): Workaround for TMT & PowerDVD problems with some
    discs, when AnyDVD is enabled, e.g “MI:3”, Europe
  • New (DVD): Added support for new protections
  • New (DVD): Values in the CSS key archive will be ignored, if the
    CSS keys can be found without a brute force attack
  • New (DVD): AI Scanner improved
  • Fix (DVD): With some discs CSS decryption could fail
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages

And the movie industry says BD+ can’t be broken how wrong they are now. Keep it coming Slysoft guess a underdog can take on the big boys club now. Now only if the movie industry take a note and sees that all they are doing is forcing people to use Slysoft to backup what they own in preserving the original so as not to damage it.