AnyDVD (HD) beta Discussion Thread



AnyDVD (HD) beta
Safe for everyone to try:

Remaining BD+ movies with issues should work now (X-Files 2 US, Meet Dave US, Day the Earth Stood Still, France, …) 2008 12 30

  • New (Blu-ray): More support for new version of the BD+ copy protection


It gets better and better with each version. :slight_smile:


Yes it does my friend.:flower:


fast and furious they are


Indeed. Now that all the initial titles are handled, as far as I know, I think they plan to just keep updating as needed. At least that seems to be the plan. So if anyone runs into a title that doesn’t work, it’ll be necessary to post a log from what the developers have said.


And the BD+ society said it couldn’t be broken. You know you asked for the challenge and they came through. It just a amazes me they do this and forget someone will always quickly come along and break it. They should just stop and make it more enduser friendly but they shouldn’t cause it would put Slysoft out of business and that would be bad for the rest of us out there.