AnyDVD (HD) UPDATE Discussion Thread



AnyDVD (HD) Update 2008 07 16

  • New (DVD): Added hooking of the IDvdInfo2::GetDiscID interface for
    64-bit applications which use DiscIDs on 64-bit operating systems, e.g.
    Windows Vista-64 Media Center, Windows 64-bit Media Player
  • Fix: Auto insert notification problem with Daemon Tools under
    Windows Vista SP1
  • Fix: Uninstall caused other programs using ElbyCDIO (CloneCD, CloneDVD,
    Virtual CloneDrive) to stop working under 64-bit operating systems.
  • Fix: Some minor problems with UAC under Windows Vista
  • Fix (Blu-ray): Fixed bug in region detection, e.g.
    “Live Free or Die Hard”, US, Region A
  • Fix (Blu-ray): Fixed bug in region detection, e.g.
    “John Rambo”, Germany, Region B
  • Fix (Blu-ray & HD DVD): AnyDVD ripper didn’t handle zero sized files
    correctly, e.g. BD “The Other Boleyn Girl”, Region A
  • Fix (DVD): AnyDVD ripper did not repair some mastering errors correctly,
    e.g., “Rumble in the Bronx”, US, Region 1
  • Many internal fixes and improvements


i can’t install it. i’ve never had this problem before. i get the hour glass icon on my mouse pointer and it never gets past that. i’ve redownloading the exe file from here and slysofts website and it keeps happening when I try to install:(

I got it to install after several tries by disabling the tea timer protection in Spybot. Otherwise, it was never going to install.


The teatimer feature in Spybot causes more hassles than it prevents. It does mess with the installation of AnyDVD as I have found out. Get rid of it as it is not needed.


One feature I like Anydvd to incorporate is the option to check or uncheck the warning screen before the movies goes to title screen or option screen? Can or will Slysoft respond to that question??? This feature is available in DVDfab plat with pathplayer enabled option. I do know Anydvd does option to remove trailers or advers and go to movie or to title.


coolcolors, what do you mean exactly?


[QUOTE=linx05;2096701]coolcolors, what do you mean exactly?[/QUOTE]

Sounds to me like the removal of annoying PGCs option.


Ah, the feature from RipIt4Me. This feature would cause too many problems. It can never work 100% of the time. If one would like to remove those annoying videos etc with precision, use PgcEdit.


[QUOTE=DrinkLyeAndDie;2096719]Sounds to me like the removal of annoying PGCs option.[/QUOTE]

Yes it was something like that the FBI warnings or copyright warning…I tried it on with DVDfab Plat to remove that message but guess what it still there…this was on ghost rider extended cut…LOL guess it didn’t work…hmm…but it would be a nice feature if it really work as it says…


Well the best way is as I said, using PgcEdit. Just follow this guide:

It is the only 100% working solution (if done correctly ;)).