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According to the announcement page (, this version updates AnyDVD too. The question is, if there is new update for AnyDVD only (not the HD version) for example etc, will the new update override the HD functions? Or will I need to downgrade to

I don’t have HD DVD drive yet but just in case I buy the xbox hd-dvd. :slight_smile:

Btw, thanks alan1476 for the announcement page, I subscribed to it and got an email regarding this new update. :slight_smile:

From my reading this is like an AIO meaning HD and regular DVD. Your current key will allow you to use the anydvd feature and if you pay for the upgrade fee you can use either as long as you have a HD-DVD drive. I know this post is blunt but I hope it answers your questions. Alan or Webslinger might elaborate on this maybe?

I can elaborate as I’m part of the beta program. There is only ONE program now…AnyDVD HD. Your license determines what functions are available to you. IOW, if you have an “AnyDVD Classic” license, the HD functions will not be active. If you have an “AnyDVD HD” license, ALL functions will be active. This allows Slysoft to only have to update one program and not maintain two. So, if the HD functions get updated, AnyDVD classic users will also be able to update to the new version even though nothing will have changed for them. It all depends on the license you have installed as to what functions are unlocked. Regular AnyDVD classic users will not notice any change at all other than a new tab called HD that’s grayed out. :slight_smile:

Thanks SamuriHL for the info. :bow:

Thanks for the info Samuri

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[QUOTE=James;9057]It is available here:

zip password is “takeyourtime” (without the quotes).

You have to reboot after the installation.

This version fixes a bug which prevents OpenSeason R2 (UK & Netherlands) to rip correctly. As always, there are many other small fixes and improvements.
Additionally, it supports decrypting and “on the fly remastering” of HD DVD discs: 2007 02 12

  • New: Added support for new versions of the SONY Arccos protection
    to the option to remove “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • New: Added HD DVD and AACS support.
    (Registered users need an upgrade key, currently only available to
    registered beta testers)
  • Fix: Problem with multi-angle titles and Sony Arccos protection
  • Some minor fixes and improvements

If you want to test HD DVD decryption but you have bought AnyDVD (not running in demo mode) you have to remove your AnyDVD license key (easiest way to do so is to rename the registry key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SlysSoft\AnyDVD\Key to something else using regedit).

If you don’t have a HD DVD drive you don’t need to bother, of course.[/QUOTE]


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