AnyDVD have gone from registered mode to trail mode

Today when I started AnyDVD (,
the program said that I had 21 days left on my trial.

Very wierd,
because I bought a boundle licence for AnyDVD and CloneDVD in April 24, 2006.

So I did what Slysoft have written in the FAQ
Did not work,
AnyDVD still say I have 21 days left on my trial.

Any suggestions ?

This is a good thread to read on this to see if there is anything you can do.

Thanks :slight_smile:
the last post (23) in that thread did the trick… so far :slight_smile:

Glad it is all worked out. I think if you uninstall it then fix slysoft to be registered then reboot reinstall ZA and give ZA permission to allow this proggy I think all will be well let’s see what others say. I have it but yet to install due to this issue.

Glad to help :smiley:

maybe this can be added into a sticky somewhere
refrenced to de-registration of a legit SS install
due to ZA sec-suite permission level

I would install ZA ss if you have it
it is pretty good
I never had any problems with it on XP pro
ZA haven’t made a X64 compatible version
so I have gone with AVG firewall which does the zame thing

I think the link on post #2 is the thread that sould be stickied as a reference. I’ll ask allan and see what he says.

I will bring this issue up with Slysoft support and our staff but for now all stickys must be approved by Senior Admins. I will discuss it with them.

Yes this is a know issue
Give AD and all SS progs full permission with ZA sec-suite
else it will cause it will cause temporary de-registration of SS progs

This has been discussed before elsewhere in this forum

Give SS progs 3 (or 4)green bars permission ie max permission

I no longer use ZA as it does not work with XPx64, but I have confirmed this is an issue with ZA s-suite in the past

I am highly embarassed by my typos in above quote and original post :o
Maybe you could fix them if you decide to make sticky or otherwise reference the post.