AnyDVD Hangs the computer in a strange way

Hi, here is my problem and if anyone has any answers I would really appreciate it. I am running Anydvd on a P4 3.4GHz. It copies fine however it freaks the computer way to often. What I mean by that is, after I am done copying I can not open Internet explorer or Mozilla or any other application that uses HTML such as, etc… If I go to the task manager I can not end Anydvd processes no matter how hard I try. The only thing I can do is to reboot the computer. Other programs such as word, excel, Adobe, etc… work just fine. This is way strange. Has anyone seen this problem or has any answers? I would be forever greatful. Thanks again.

You need to post more info such as version of AnyDVD and exact hardware you’re using. (Yes, I read the other thread. :)) Also, as bjkg suggested, any software such as packet writing or other burning software that’s installed and their versions would be helpful. Packet writing is simply evil in a lot of people’s opinion…mine included…so if you do have any installed (DirectCD, DLA, etc) uninstall it, reboot, and reinstall AnyDVD. Other than that you’re going to have to be very specific on version numbers and hardware before we can even begin to help. Thanks!

Thanks for reply.
Here is my hardware list: Peintium 4 3.4Ghz, 2GB RAM, Intel MB 915PBL, 250GB SATA HD, nVidia PCI Express 6600 with 256MB RAM,
I am using the latest ANYDVD, Thanks again. Danny

What kind of DVD burner is it?

And what other software are you using with AnyDVD to do your burning?

Hello Folks,

I see that Forum Member dannybt reports that he has an nVidia PCI Express 6600.

I might be wrong but hasn’t it been stated that there is some type of problem with nVidia drivers? Perchance could this be Forum Member dannybt problem.

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The nvidia problems are generally with nvidia motherboard drivers like the IDE drivers, though. I SERIOUSLY doubt a video card is going to affect anything like DVD performance. It’s possible, but, I REALLY doubt it.

I agree, whenever Olli mentions Nvidia driver issues it pertains to th IDE drivers and not video card drivers. Although the possibility may exist when installing the video drivers for that card , it may also install Ide drivers, very easy to check and confirm.

It’s possible, but, not on an intel board which is what he’s running on. The nvidia ide drivers will only work on an nForce board. So, I believe the issue is elsewhere. I would like to know what DVD drive he is using and if possible the firmware. I have a gut feeling his issue is a DMA type problem but I have no proof of that.

Well maybe with the Intel MB he installed the Intel IDE drivers and that may be the cause.

That’s certainly possible, as well. Like I said, my gut instinct on this one leads me to believe DMA isn’t enabled properly. That could be a symptom of faulty drivers, Windows XP normal nonsense, or a bad cable. Who knows. He’s going to have to do some troubleshooting to ultimately find the cause I think.


It could be several things, so to start you on your troubleshooting, you should check the below area’s.

1- Verify that you have Windows Ide drivers.

2- Verify that your DMA is enabled and not set to PIO.

To verify Windows Ide drivers go to control panel, click on “system” icon, click on hardware tab, click on device manager.

Double click on the DVD/CD-Rom Drives

Double click on + box to open and select your DVD burner

Click on Driver tab

It should indicate Driver Provider as Microsoft

[font=Arial]Next while still in Device Manager, scroll down to IDE ATA/Atapi controllers, click on the + box to open.

Double click on Primary Ide Channel, click on advanced settings.

The Transfer Mode should be DMA if available, and the current transfer mode should indicate DMA.

Do the same procedure for the Secondary Ide Channel.

Look at the attachments for guidance. If the settings or drivers are not the same, please advise and we’ll guide you on how to correct.


I think the promblem might have strated when in fact I did upgrade my video card drive. I curently have the version nVidia driver. Maybe I will check for an update.
By the way, thanks for all your inputs.

Hi all, I just upgraded my nVidia Video driver last night and so far so good. I think the problem is finally fixed.