AnyDVD great ! CloneDVD? Shrink? Nero ?not sure HELP please

Just purchased AnyDVD after trialing it, what a great piece of kit that is!! I used CloneDVD on trial too and that was working fine, but now it gets halfway through writing then stops saying bad media (new ridiscs 8 x DVD+R’s too) tried memorex-R and datawrite-R, still no joy, I tried Nero that did the same, now I’m trying DVDShrink but thats doing the same aswell “COMMUNICATION FAILURE” thats saying? This is all new to me but I’m trying hard to figure it out, just not having any joy. I have saved the failure log but its 5 pages long and I’ve figured to big to post on here.
A while ago this was all working perfect with AnyDVD and CloneDVD, but now its all gone pete tong and I’m pulling my hair out, (what hair I have that is.) - ( My Recorder: Pioneer DVR-110D version 1.37-HA1-TA1.

All that are cheap media - buy TY and Verbatims and you’ll probably have no such problems. Or burn thopse Ridiscs at 8x…

Unfortunatlly all three of the medias you have chosen use some pretty crappy media. That could quite possibly be your problem. Try some verbatim (and use dvd identifier to verify they are mcc) like chef recomended.

Thanks guys, I’ll give it a go and see how I get on !!

Darn it, those verbatim disks did not work, same problem can read but cant write to blank DVD+/-R, Pioneer DVR-110D firware updated to latest 1.39 too. Is the DVD-ROM conflicting with the Pioneer ?
Would it help if I attached the failure log?

Verbatims din’t work Chef…I keep looking at the window then the PC then the window again and am beginning to wonder wether the pc would be better if it went through it !!! As I said above, would you make head or tail of it if I posted the failure log on here ?

Posting the failure log will help :iagree:

An up-to-date Nero & the Pio burner should work with the Verbatims…

Please try with Nero and post a logfile then.

I have had similar problems on occasion with trial programs , particularly when I have accidently opened one when another is running - it seems to mess up the whole thing somehow - I recently purchased Copy to DVD (&ConvertXto DVD) - and quite homestly can’t fault it - I have used Imation, MrDVD, Memorex, Sony media and all copies work perfectly on PC and all DVD Players in the house - ok sometimes on my narky DVD Recorder there is a miniscule pause when the chapter changes but this doesn’t bother me. Nero 7 seems to have a problem copying disk to disk and so does some Roxio stuff .


After all that…guess what I did…? ? ? I disconnected the CDROM drive and now only use the Pioneer writer as the main source for all disc insertions and everything is working perfectly.

I can believe that - I had to disconnect a CD-ROM drive to get a CD-RW working as it should.

Poor cd-rom.

Awww :bigsmile:…I’m sure the OP will find a use for it. As for mine, I can’t bear to part with it - it’s in the other room, boxed up, awaiting further instruction :bigsmile:

awaiting further instruction

Hehe, that sounds cool.