AnyDVD - good news and bad

the good news - Slysoft is offering their traditional discounts via a “christmas” coupon code. See their website for details.

the bad news - the price of AnyDVD is apparently being raised 25% to $49US effective 1/1/07. Guess James running around doing all these updates isn’t cheap. Hopefully James is getting some of the price increase revenues also?? :cool:

Blame it on Microsoft’s Vista OS…

The price increase is due to the signed drivers needed in MS Vista x64 bit. The owners that own it now get the free upgrade. :bow:

Here’s the link :

It’s good that they did not shaft the loyal users by charging them another dime. That is a great decision. Folks who paid $39 for it and were told they would get lifetime upgrades are still being treated fairly and the company is keeping their word. That is outstanding.

New folks know going in that they will pay $49 for it, and that’s fair too.

I’d be pissed at MS still for jacking software writers by demanding signed drivers. I guess that is one of the disadvantages of being a driver instead of a simple app. But still, in this, even Slysoft is getting the shaft. :frowning:

Wait a minute… you mean you won’t be able to install software on Windows Vista if the drivers aren’t signed by MS?

That may be what they have planned for the 64 bit version - I’ve read conflicting reports.

They better not be able to get away with that if it’s true… what the hell. If it really is true I hope someone figures out a way to crack that bullshit.

Hey, Microsoft is evil. They have been for decades. They have been allowed to get away with it all that time. After the Clinton admin had them on the ropes, the Bush admin let 'em off.

The biggest problem I have is with their Operating System division. The OS is the foundation for all that we do, and it is there where I think they abuse their monopolistic position the most. I hate to see it, but we are almost all victims. If I don’t use Windows, I can’t run the other apps I depend on and rely on. Same with consultants, businesses, etc. We need to have a common platform or platform independent apps. The Java promises have not lived up to the hype, and Linux is so “forked” and the Linux community so full of elitist techno-snobs that I’m not sure regular users will ever warm up to it.

Couple that with Novell and other companies selling out to MS for money, and you can see that greed aids their cause.

We really do have ourselves to blame, at least in part. Lemmings. Lambs to the slaughter. :frowning:

I surely do not begrudge Slysoft their price increase. I’m sure they did some business analysis to determine it was necessary and in their best interests and the market would tolerate it.

Although there are many things we can blame Microsoft for - Slysoft’s expense management and pricing decisions are their own - not anyone elses. Just like every other company.

I am little ignorant as to this signed driver thing, but would MS give SS driver rights seeing as they do not really see eye to eye :confused:

MS isn’t “giving” anything … SS has to pay the overlords (probably big-time) like any other software vendor. Institutionalized gangsterism = Monopoly.

Truer words have never been spoken although the EU isn’t taking any of their crap! :clap: The gangsters of the real underworld even pay-off the gangsters of the overworld and we get stuck in the middle. But as long as there is a war-time diversion, less people have time to think about the fact that they are getting F*****! Wag the what…? There has to be some form of government on a higher level than the either all’s of Capitolism, Communism, Socialism or Fascism! None work. We are still in the middle.


I did not mean give away as in free, rather give for fee
would MS sell SS signed driver rights in lieu of the type of businees SS has??

Profit is the great equalizer. I reckon SS will be allowed to pay for protection just like and other vendor.

It turns out it’s not true… as long as you’re logged into Windows Vista with administrator privileges, you can install whatever you want.

It is true, for 64 bit Vista

true, as stated by Dr Who in post 3

If you want you better get it now then later. It’s still worth it though.

I want AnyDVD for Apple.

Now that Dr. Divx is available for Mac AnyDVD is the only thing holding me back.

can someone explain what a “signed driver” is?

Well, you haven’t read what is written on the link you provided???

Just a few quotes:

> x64 versions of Windows Vista require Kernel Mode Code Signing (KMCS) in order to load kernel-mode software. <

> Components in the Windows Vista Protected Media Path (PMP) must be signed for PMP, and all other kernel-mode components must be signed by WHQL or Kernel Mode Code Signing, in order to ensure access to premium content. <

> Driver binaries that load at boot time must contain an embedded signature. <

> Install packages and self-extracting executables downloaded through Internet Explorer must be digitally signed in order to run or install. <