AnyDVD getting drive not ready

I am trying to use anydavd to rip a blu-ray but everytime I do it comes back that the drive is not ready. AnyDVD recognizes that the disk if there but won’t back it up. I am using a system running winxp pro. Any suggestions?

Left click on anydvd icon and click Rip to ISO Image. If you wsant folder rip choose rip DVD to harddisk.

XP by default can’t read UDF 2.5 based filesystem. You need to grab Toshiba Driver or use win vista In order to see contents in side the disc.

I have the UDF 2.5 but anydvd still says drive not ready when I try to rip the movie to hard drive, regardless of what format I try to rip to. Anydvd will analyse the disk but when I try to rip it says drive not ready.