AnyDvd Future Proof?

I know there is no such thing as a sure thing but is everyone convinced AnyDvd will be able to handle all protections in the foreseeable future? I keep reading how some company is going to drop the big one (encryption) that may or may not be a formable challenge to decryption programs. Do AnyDvd software writers usually have to wait until a new encryption program is out before they act or do they have an idea what needs to be done in advance? I guess what I mean is it several days before a solution is found or can it be weeks?

I guess I find it ironic that having used Shrink and Decrypter for decryption for so long and they in turn haven’t been updated for awhile, the only movie I had trouble with was “House Of Flying Daggers”. It almost seems like new encryptions don’t come out that often and, or those two programs were a little ahead of their time.

The new protection has to be out for the slysoft team to get a hold of a copy for them to make a way around it.

New encryption for the existing DVD format, eh? RIGHT. IF, and that’s a big IF, a company were to add a new encryption layer to the existing DVD format, it wouldn’t play in ANY DVD player. It would be highly protected as NO ONE would be able to read the disc. There’s only so much they can do with the existing DVD format to protect it.

Next generation discs, ala HD DVD and Blu Ray, WILL have all kinds of new and exciting protection layers. I’m sure Slysoft will take a crack at the new discs when they are available. They will not be as easy as DVD was by any means. And, if they are successful, the studios can change the protection and upgrade the players with new movies. I personally have no interest in the next generation disc as I plan to stick to DVD for quite some time. Yes, the quality will be much higher. I, however, don’t own an HDTV and probably won’t for at least another year. The difference between DVD and HD DVD or Blu Ray is not as big as the difference between VCR and DVD so I have a feeling a lot of people will not bite when this stuff is released. Besides, I suspect that the studios will feel they can charge more for the new formats because supposedly the consumer will be getting more. I, however, would disagree by saying that the DRM added to the new discs gives me less value for the money, but, that’s a philosophical debate.

Anyway, for the time being, AnyDVD works for all known protections and will likely be updated within a day or two for any new protections out there. Slysoft, in a nutshell, absolutely rocks.

Nicely said SamuriHL! :iagree:

Exactly - I agree with all you wrote - I think I will be with DVD for a good while yet - unless the Mrs ends gets me a PS3 (but it won’t be for a good while after they are released) will be the only way I think I would have a ‘next generation’ player.

And I know you are just being kind giving Slysoft a day or two -once they have the IFO’s or get hold of the disc, it is normally like an hour or two!! :bow:

Yea, abrown, I agree, they usually do have it fixed in a few hours, but, there are times when it takes a little bit longer. :slight_smile: That being said, other programs out there can take a week or more to get updates out. Slysoft really serves their user base well.

Okay thats kind of what I wanted to know that AnyDvd will indeed be able to handle any future protections except maybe HD DVD and Blu Ray. Thanks!

i bet dvddecrypter will too, they will prob nolonger spend time, effort, or money to protect regular dvd’s, all concentration will most likely be geared towards new standards already mentioned

Decrypter unfortunately is a dead software program, it will never be updated therefore any new protection arriving will not work using Decrypter alone.
I never used this method but there is a way to use Decrypter with AnyDVD removing the protection, modifications need to be made in the configuation settings in Decrypter. Some time ago Olli posted what to uncheck but I can’t remember what.

Decryptor works fine for probably 95-99% of the movies out there. There’s a few features that Decryptor has that make it worth keeping around. However, if you have AnyDVD installed, ripping with Decryptor is NOT one of those features that makes it worth it UNLESS you’re not doing a full rip. If you’re selecting streams to rip that makes sense. If you’re doing a file rip, it does not. Just use AnyDVD and windows explorer or robocopy. Just because something isn’t updated anymore, doesn’t make it useless. Look at DVD Shrink. That being said, if I had to choose a decryption tool I’d definitely pick AnyDVD over anything else.

It almost sounds like from what you all are saying is you should be able to use Shrink and Decrypter for a long time yet because the movie studios are shifting their focus to the next generation. Maybe a person shouldn’t give up on those two programs yet and buy AnyDvd and CloneDvd.

Itll work with all current implementations Im pretty sure (as it needs to be compatible with older hardware)