Anydvd freezing. HELP!

Hello i downloaded both anydvd and clonedvd from the download section, installed them, rebooted. I have the LG gwa 4161b, win xp. Having a small problem not sure with anydvd or clonedvd or computer end. here’s what happens. at the end of the burning process it goes to, i think it says, “unloading buffer” and something else" it just sits there. i go into anydvd and get the “no response” (freezes) and nothing happening with clonedvd other then just sits there. i end up having to reboot the system, take the dvd media out try it in a dvd player and the dvd works. which is all good but the freezing up and having to reboot is annoying :slight_smile: … any help appreciated, also if you need more info let me know.

What other programs do you have running?

well i try to turn off everything that i can… i disable as much as i can leaving winamp, windows volume control, my onboard sound cards icon, vid cards icon and of coarse anydvd fox icon… i uninstalled it, deleted the directories, re-downloaded the files, installed it fresh, rebooted, tried it and same thing. like i said finishes at 100 percent but freezes at that clearing buffer (clonedvd) and anydvd freezes.

just as a note to, ive clicked on safe mode in anydvd as well if that matters, and same thing

Can you use CloneDVD to create the VIDEO_TS folder to your hard drive, then use Nero or equivalent to burn the VIDEO_TS folder to the DVD using DVD MOVIE mode?

I am pretty sure, this isn’t AnyDVD’s fault. You can disable it while burning just to see, if there is a difference. My guess: 3rd party IDE Busmaster drivers, old firmware in burner, other driver conflict.

furballi : i tried that and clonedvd didn’t freeze.

Olli: I thought i read here that there was no firmware for my drive (lg gwa 4161b). i will check again to make sure. if there is can u post a link to it?

So you’re using Nero to burn the data to the DVD, and the burn was good?

sorry for not replying. havent been on lately… yes nero works fine in burning the movie. i also just found this out… i tried doing another one (using both anydvd and clone dvd) and let the program just sit there saying unloading buffer and aprox. 1 hour 30 mins later it finished. time to write was like 12 mins (using -r 4x) i saved the log if that would help. let me know and i can paste it in here

Hmmm…I’d stick with Nero if this works for you. Have you tested RECODE? This is part of the Nero/NVE suite. I usually use Nero Recode and AnyDVD to backup DVDs.

but does that mean theres a conflict with the software and the drive? gotta be a reason why its taking forever to unload the buffer…

It is clear that there exist a software conflict since you don’t have any problem with Nero. Wiping the hard drive and reloading windows may fix this problem.