Anydvd for Mac OSX86?

for sometime now I have used the combination of anydvd and clonedvd for my backuo needs, but recently, with a copy of OSX86, I have up in running on my laptop, and the fact that it has no real drivers out, I noticed I can not play protected DVD titles on OSX86; I believe this OSX86- when it hits the market on it’s full release will be a big thing- and possibly make the purchase of a Mac much cheaper than what a Mac Computer is, anyway- I would love to see Slysoft possibly make a version of AnyDVD to work on a Mac OSX (Tiger version), it would sure make things easier for me with OSX86…

DRM = Digital Rights Management.

Twilight Of The Gods Edwin.

Linux anyone?

Whisperer1, whats that saying, What man makes, man can break. After all I’m running OSX86 on a regular SE2 intell laptop, that wasn’t being tossed around a few months ago.

What I mean is that so far we have been using AnyDVD to beat CSS placed on an original so that we can make personal-use backups of the movies we have purchased. The disadvantage to the disk manufacturer is that the movie must still meet DVD standards to be playable so they are limited in what they can do to protect it.

But an operating system working against us is a whole different story. It can stop AnyDVD, or the like, altogether and have a plethora of other blocks on our hardware, software, drivers, and firmware and force other vendors to follow suit in order for their products to work with MS and Apple. And it’s not very easy to get at and beat the OS code! And they will read your system and see what your box is doing when you download updates and service packs. I’m sure they can also make a two-way internet connection necessary to update rather than allow service packs to be downloaded and installed manually as most of us privacy nuts are doing now.

And they ARE gonna play ball with the MPAA. It’s already started in the form of this “phase1” of DRM. And we soon may have a potentially disastrously conservative Judiciary at the Supreme Court level to back them up. Not to mention a conservative Legislature to pass any law or legislative initiatives the MPAA pays them to pass via campaign contributions! The “Overworld” owns us. We talk “big” but I believe the era we are enjoying is only the calm before the storm.

And, for instance, on other levels, check out what the MPAA is gonna foist on us here:

By the way my own personal post to this news item is in bad taste, so please forgive me.

Maybe some other posters can imagine and post the blocks an OS can or can’t throw against us. But it sure sounds like Twilight Of The Gods to me!

As for me, I’ve got a full day of work ahead of me so I’ll check in on this thread tomorrow. Sorry if I sound like a doomsayer.

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