Anydvd.exe problem

Hello !

I have a small problem with AnyDvd
(I tried all of the versions, including the very last one)

When I exit the program, anydvd.exe is still running
I must end that task from Task Manager.

The second “error” is when I try to click on the icon on the systray,
it answers only 3-4 seconds later.

The software works perfectly with my Intervideo DVD Copy2 , and everything is fine, but why can’t I stop the program normally?

Thanks in advance !

(WinXP Pro Sp1 - fully updated , Asus CUSL2 C, 512 MB SDRAM, PIII 1 GHZ,
Asus V8200 GeF3 Deluxe)

I know you have probably done this but open anydvd and go to programs and see if auto start is checked I was having problems because it was checked on mine.

Auto Start is not enabled

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will fix this problem ASAP.

All right, I am waiting for the new version
I will test it immidiately :slight_smile:

Well, thank You for this great work!
In the new versions all of my problems dissapeared.

Now, AnyDVD is perfect!
(I tried it with Intervideo DVD Copy 2, too )