Anydvd error on new version

if you recently purchased and immediately upgraded to, where the heck would you find a copy of

my guess is on a P2P.

and where did you “purchase” your key?

something seems fishy. the slysoft site does not post previous releases so you had to have obtained your version from somewhere else. if you’re going elsewhere for the program, it wouldn’t surprise me if you’re going elsewhere for your key as well…

If he says his trial is up in 3 days then that would mean he first installed AnyDVD 27 days ago and that would have been the same time (i think) that was out. Did you let anyone else use your key as that may be the cause as to why its been disabled as (i think) the key is one computer specific (i know my DVD-Rebuilder one defintiely is not sure about AnyDVD).

But i would email your key to slysoft to get them to check it over to see what has happend. I suspect things like this do happen. And as they are the ones who gave it to you i doubt there would be anything wrong in your emailing it to their support for help in sorting out what has happend to it.

Hope this helps

The key is NOT computer specific. SlySoft doesn’t do such crap like “product activation” or “hardwarev specific keys”!

these are all crack lamers
each and every one of them are just bums
and then they have the audacity to ask for help on their crack induced errors

Ultimately I agree with Zaq.

The sad fact is though as soon as this problem is recognised their will be a crack put out to fix it I truly don’t see how Sly will get around it (a quick search on Google would probably verify this).

Me myself the support from the company is worth spending the money to get a legitimate key.

Got to give him the benefit of doubt on that one reasons…after came 2 beta versions that everyone didn’t try or know about, then came that was almost a “momentary” version, then came the current
I suspect a poor install?..Not rebooting, or shutting down the currrent version before the new install? :confused:

Nor did I Gurm…I didn’t think it would be a “miracle” fix.
I was curious why a “legit” software owner would be using a beta that old after 2 normal revisions. :wink:

Question. I have AnyDVD installed (legit of course) in my office in my garage. If I want to also put it in my other computer in the living room, do I have to purchase it again? Some software companies don’t have a problem with something like that (being it’s the same owner). Not sure if Slysoft does.

No. As long as you don’t use it at the same time, as this would be cheating. :wink:

Nope, wouldn’t be using it (AnyDVD) at the same time. The only other person that would be using my second computer (besides me) would be my wife. She doesn’t know the first thing about burning nor does she want to (only one tweaker in this family, she’s a normie). Web surfing and word processing is about it.

So I can’t use my 2 computers and burn 2 diffrent movies the same time? Is this right? I thought with the way you activated the software you can put and use on your multiple computers.


CAN you? Sure. You CAN do lots of things.

Is it LEGAL to do so? No. The license agreement (on the first install screen of AnyDVD) specifically says that if you have a home network you MUST buy a separate license for each machine.

However, it ALSO says that you may have another copy of the software for your own personal use. The clear implication here is exactly what this poster asked about - can he have it on both of his machines if he’s not using it concurrently? Yes. Can he run 3 copies of it on a home network to do 3 times the ripping? No.

ok I see