Anydvd error on new version

While running in the background for about 30 mins or so after install I get this message:

“File corrupted. Plus run a virus check then reinstall Anydvd”

I have reinstalled it, get the same problem.

Ran virus scan, none found.

No adaware either…

:-. Why is this happening?

Whats making the message, Windows? Your Antivirus? or Anydvd itself?.

Anydvd itself, then it shuts down. Im not even backing up when this error occurs…just while its running idly in the background.

I don’t belive how … people are
buy the program it really worth the money… don’t use cracks

Isn’t this a crack alert? :cop:

its not a cracked version


I suspect, sir, that it most assuredly is.

That message is what comes up when AnyDVD detects that it has been cracked.

I suspect that it might ALSO come up at some future time if the program is compromised by Starforce, Safedisc, or some other “anti-piracy” tool.

But at the current moment, no software OTHER than a crack is known to cause this message.

SO… uninstall AnyDVD, reinstall it, and if the error persists… ahem

Are you still running the beta version as suggested in your signature?
If so, why? It’s 1 beta and 2 regular revisions old.

after unistalling the beta and installing the new version it’s working properly now.

This is a DISTINCT case of someone not adhering to our advice. We always advise NOT to just say “the latest” or “the new” about things.

Don’t, in future, say “the new version of AnyDVD…” or things like that. Be specific.

If you had said that you were using we would have immediately told you to uninstall it and install!

Yes i agree, i honestly thought he was talking about also

Although I’m NOT entirely convinced that actually generates this message… I never saw it when I had installed…

It doesn’t. Unless it is modified by a Virus or a crack, of course. :wink:

Ive got another issue with version I originally downloaded version and had no problems, so I purchased a reg key for it. I received the message that a new version as available, so I downloaded Now, whenever I reboot, I first get a message saying that my trial has expired, I close that. Then when I try to load up anydvd I get a message that says my trial expires in 3 days, and it appears to work.

Also, when I see who it is registered to, it says registered to Nobody. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, each time saying to remove all registration information. Can anyone offer some guidance?


Go to slysoft site and send an e-mail to the support…
I belive that after re-installed the new version you double click your key one more time… didn’t you?

Yeah, Ive tried that, it says restart AnyDVD. I do so, then check on the registration and it still says Registered to Nobody. Still says I have 3 days left of 21.

Looks like your license has been blacklisted. I suggest you contact SlySoft support.

damn, okay, thanks. Slysoft support, here I come.

Well you can TRY uninstalling… it’ll ask you if you want to remove the registration information. Say yes. MAKE SURE TO KEEP YOUR KEY FILE.

Then reboot, go into regedit, and make sure the slysoft entries are gone from the registry. (Hint: HKLM\Software)

Then reinstall, and after reinstalling, double-click your key again.

That might work.