AnyDVD Error Message / Windows 2003 Server SP1

I am trying to install Any DVD version and i get the following error message.

No DVD Drive Detected!

Possible reasons
1 You don’t have a DVD drive, buy one.
2 You haven’t rebooted your system after Any DVD install.
3 Your drive is not powered on.
4 There is a problem initialising the Any DVD Driver
Try to uninstall Any DVD,Reboot,Reinstall,Reboot.

I have tried all the above and no luck.

I am using Windows 2003 Server SP1 which is more or less configured as a workstation.

Can’t belive no replies for this issue.

I have resolved the issue. Nerocheck was saying it fixed the upperfilter and lowerfilter settings which caused anydvd not to work. even deleted the regkey mentioned in another post and it still did not work.

so i removed both nero and anydvd, rebooted, installed nero and updates, rebooted, run sysconfig and unchecked nerocheck from the startup list, rebooted, installed anydvd, rebooted and volla, it now works, well so far. Nero also seems to work too.

just hope, when i update nero, it will not change the filter settings.

This conflict has been noted before. Nero can be a pain in some ways. The nero check nonsense isn’t really necessary, so, it’s fine to disable it like you did. Unfortunately if you update Nero, it will indeed put the stupid nero check crap back. Just be aware of it.