Anydvd error message when it trys to read wake of death

warning: anydvd is unable to crack all css keys on this disc! Anydvd will gues the correct css key, but it is possible, that one or more titles on this disc will not play correctly.
Note: to avoid this message in the future, you should set your drive region code to match the region of this disc.

i have never seen this message before, is there anyway to find a css key that will work.
how do you change the drive region code on the drive to match the disc and how do you know what region the disc is?

any help is greatly appreciated.

Does the disc play correctly?

yeah, i tried it in the computer and my dvd player and the movie plays fine.

Then the CSS keys are correct, and you can mark them as correct in the CSS key archive (Settings->CSS Keys). Right mouse button for help.

thanks, i will. i was wondering if the movie would copy fine. i didnt want to waste a disc. why do you think that message came up?

i burned the movie and it didnt copy right at the beginning it freezes and skips it eventually plays right. is there any fix for this? do i need to try to change the region codes?

i found the problem. i have two burners an internal and external. something changed my external dvd region code from 1 to 0. i went back and changed and anydvd didnt have any problems. so i burned the movie again and it works fine.