AnyDVD/DVDFAB Decrypter/DVD43/PSL2 plugin all fail to rip/backup desperate housewives



I was trying to backup Season1 Disc1 of Desperate Housewives. I started with my usual DVD Decrypter( but it kept getting stuck in two of the VOBs with Read Error. So I tried to use the PSL2(latest version) plugin through PGCedit, but after the first round of ripping when it creates the PSL2 file, it tells me that there are no copy protected title sets. So then I went onto DVD43(latest version). When I inserted the disc, the smiley face is green and all, but when I try to copy the troublesome VOBs from the DVD to my HDD, it starts to copy fine but then it crashes with CRC error. So then I downloaded the trial version of AnyDVD. This went one step ahead, in the sense that it could successfully 1 of the 2 problematic VOBs. For the other it also gace CRC error. However, when I tried to play the VOB that i could successfully copy to my HDD, the video was all messed up. However, when I play the original in a standalone DVD player, it plays fine. One other weird thing that I noticed about this VOB, is that when I try to play this VOB at greater than 3X speed, the video looks fine. I use PowerDVD for playback on my computer and I have a NEC ND-3550A connected to it.
Any suggestions on how to backup this one?



You probably have a badly pressed disc, take it back and get another.


Yes i guess that too. Otherwise try another drive to rip.


I would agree on a bad disc. I used shrink alone on mine and it worked fine.