AnyDVD | DVD Decrypter | IMGBurn And Preserving DL Layer Break

I though it would be useful to inform members that the eagerly anticipated version 2 of IMGBurn has been released.

If you visit the official IMGBurn Web Site ( you will be able to obtain a copy of IMGBurn v2.0.0.0 and review the Change Log.

For those who desire to use DL Media the following is a very reliable foolproof manner to preserve the Dual Layer Break ->

Use DVD Decrypter in conjunction with AnyDVD and rip the original Commercial DVD Movie Title to your Hard Drive in the ISO READ mode. Suggest viewing the below CD Freaks Forum posting concerning how to properly configure DVD Decrypter to work in conjunction with AnyDVD. Refer to posting comments #5 and #8.

This results in an ISO File and an MDS File. Then using IMGBurn ( software program load the MDS File and burn to quality DL Media (Verbatim). The MDS File contains the Layer Break information from the original Commercial DVD Movie Title and informs the IMGBurn software program were to correctly place the Layer Break.

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Got it today too and although I have played with it this is like DVDD without the decrypter and the settings part is exactly like DVDD in the new version of imgburn too. Thanks for the post. Where have you been haven’t seen you around lately?

Hey thanks…out of curiosuyl Imgubrn burns better than DVDdecrypter when on DL right? Do i just load the iso/Md file onto Imgburn and burn it…is there more i have to do to increase its quality?

what do you mean by “better” and “increase quality”?

you’re BURNING an image…any quality manipulation is done in the transcoding and/or encoding processes of whichever program you use for your processing.

There is a one page log on the updated parts. It now reads to ISO and writes plus I don’t remember but you can choose the burn speed. It is just like decrypter except ripping to the HDD and of course there’s no ripper.