Will ANYDVD work with DVD-Cloner II? I already have DvD-cloner and am frustrated with its inability to backup Sony Pictures releases lately. I have tried Hitch, Man of the House and most recently, Unleashed Lords of Dogtown with no success. I noticed in this forum people having success burning Lords of Dogtown with ANYDVD and just want to know if it will work with DVD-Cloner? If not, what other programs does it work with? I am limited in my funds right now, so if I want trying to find something that works with what I have. Thanks :bow:

I don’t see why not - worst case you could have AnyDVD running and copy and paste the whole DVD to your harddrive - then let DVD-Cloner II have a go. However, it you but CloneDVD2 at the same time it will only cost you $20 - might be worth while look at?

Forget DVD Cloner. You will get only coasters. Unreliable software.
Use DVDShrink with AnyDVD or CloneDVD2 (by SlySoft).

DVD Cloner II is shitware. That’s software which is stolen wholesale from elsewhere, with a shiny package slapped on it… but underneath it’s just a big old pile of shit.

Uninstall it from your PC, and if possible demand your money back for it.

Jez you guys. I don’t believe he asked for your assessment of DVD Cloner, I think he asked if it would work with AnyDVD and if so, how. As far as it being “shitware” I found up until the Sony ArCoss protection scheme that DVD Cloner was quite stable and made excellent backups with alot more ease of use than the other software I looked at. It was not “unstable, coaster producing, shitware”. I rarely ever got a bad copy and the bads ones were due to the condition of the original disc, not the software. It worked with my old Pioneer just as well as it did with my new Sony. DVD Cloner isn’t the only company to run into problems dealing with ArCoss, they all pretty much have, AnyDVD has simply dealt with it alot quicker (and Kudos for that).

no offense, but this thread is like 6 months old…

As you can see the post number #4 was written more than 6 months ago.

I saw the age of the thread after I posted. Sorry about that but when you’re searching for info on a help forum and you see a couple different threads that are mainly a critique of the program the person’s using and not any help with the actual question, ya get a bit frustrated, ya know? Sometimes you find out too late (after you’ve bought a program) that it’s a rip off and you’re just trying to make due as best you can without plunking down a bunch more money. So when you see replies that just bag completely on the software and tell you to plunk down yet MORE money on something else, while not offering any help with your actual question, it get’s frustrating. The fact that the guy that posted this thread also posted another thread here on this, got pretty much the same replies and disappeared, should explain WHY the posts were 6 months old. He got no real help, so he left. I’ve been luckier with the replies in my thread on the subject fortunately and for that I’m grateful. This place has alot of smart, experienced people, just struck me that some were more interested in telling ya what a schmuck you were for buying what you bought, then helping you out, that’s all.

@ Lin731,

If a particular software program is an inferior software program that is the fault of the software developer and not the fault of any CD Freaks Forum Members.

If you are dissatisfied with responses that CD Freaks Forum Members have provided to you suggest seeking assistance with your DVD Cloner II software program by contacting the DVD Cloner II software developer (

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