AnyDVD does nothing for me



I recently got Apollo DVD copier and it received “VOB” errors on some of my DVDs. On Apollo’s website, it recommended getting AnyDVD. It said it was the best and would solve my problem.

So I got a trial version and it does absolute nothing and the DVD I’m trying to burn “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation” is older than dirt. :a This is one of several DVD VOB errors.

It reads the DVD and all but does nothing. With the Apollo program, it would error at 47% and would do the same with AnyDVD running. I then even tried to rip it with AnyDVD it had the same error at 47%. Some good AnyDVD did.

Someone please give me their words of wisdom. Thanks.


Your disk is probably scratched. Anydvd is for removing copy protection, but no piece of software can get around scratches without showing errors. If you want to copy the damaged disk, you can use a program like clonecd, or alcohol 120%, which will make a copy of the disk, but will still have the same errors you would see in the original disk.


version numbers of the programs you’re using and exact error narratives are important in helping you with your problem.

also, try the disc in another drive. some dvd drives are better readers than others when it comes to damaged discs.

also try using anydvd’s drive speed control to slow down the read speed. this sometimes helps.

if your original copy is too damaged to rip then you’ll have to look into options such as disc resurfacing or simply purchasing a new copy…


My DVDs arn’t damaged…this is happening with several DVDs and they are completely fine…no scratches or smuges

any other solution? i got a trial version from a peer-2-peer application…would a need an update? could that be the problem?


why on earth would you dl from peer to peer?

you still didn’t answer the questions i asked (version number and exact error narratives)

if you got the program from p2p, my guess is that you’re several versions out of date (which could have been recognized immediately had you provided the necessary information!) is the only place to download anydvd.


I’m at work right now…I’ll be home in 6 hours or so to give the version number and exact error narratives.

I always d/l from peer-2-peer…just my preference.


Yeah… peer to peer is usually full of virus’s. You should try to get the program from the real website… itll probably have faster downloading times anyway


downloading software programs from peer to peer is not a good idea! who knows what kind of viruses may be bundled with it. Even if you scan everything that you download, the file may have been corrupted in the uploading/downloading process.

not to mention the fact that you didn’t even check to see if it was the latest version before downloading. my money is on this being your problem.

another problem with peer to peer is that cracks are often bundled with the programs. not only are cracks also a risk for viruses, but cracks are ILLEGAL.

anydvd is an outstanding program, using p2p to obtain the program with a crack rather than support one of the best decryption programs out there makes many people (including myself!) very angry!


That is probably your main issue as said before they can contain viruses. You can download it straight from the slysoft website usuall takes less than a minute. It also is just a trial but there is no need to worry about viruses this way either.


I always d/l from peer-2-peer…just my preference

and thats why it does nothing for you!

cant believe you use p2p for software downloads rather than the original source.

nothing but, viruses, spyware, trojans, corrupt software etc etc these days.

it’s like a godsend


FrancoSoupbones, would strongly suggest to uninstall and registry clean (then reboot) the P2P installed version of AnyDVD. Once completed, then download the free 30 day “full functioned” trial version from


okay…will do

i’ll let you know if this works… thanks :slight_smile:


Unless they changed the time limit on a free trial I think it’s still 21 days isn’t it?


21 day free trial.

and if the disc is not damaged, it WILL work. and once you fall in love with the program, i trust you’ll go back to and PURCHASE a license and not resort to p2p crap again!


i just purchased anydvd it works wonders with all my back-ups, plus there is a ripper function that you can use to rip to your hard-drive. i use to only want to use free program, i thought free hmm good, but after one day of using anydvd i was sold… :iagree: those free programs only do so much and for 39 bucks it’s worth it, no more wanting to throw my dvd across the room :doh:. also peer to peer a big no no i lost my last computer to a virus, always get the real thing, always.

                                             Originally Posted by [b]Dennis L[/b]
             [i]FrancoSoupbones, would strongly suggest to uninstall and registry clean (then reboot) the P2P installed version of [AnyDVD]( Once completed, then download the free 30 day "full functioned" trial version  from [](http://FCx%28this.href%29;%22)[/i]

Originally Posted by Dr. Who
Unless they changed the time limit on a free trial I think it’s still 21 days isn’t it?
I got the “full function and Free” correct … 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. :o :iagree::clap:


another warez newbie


Yep and I change my siggy already…LOL


i d/l anydvd and clone dvd 2 and they worked great…very happy with these programs.

i really like how you can edit the dvd by taking out adverts and trailers and take out other languages…very cool

gona play with it over the next 20 days and will probable purchase…thanks for those who helped.


Glad you got AnyDVD to work. You were wise in also d/l’ing CloneDVD2. Nothing comes close to speed, simplicity and constant updating is icing on the cake.