AnyDVD dissapeared my taskbar icons

Hi everyone.
I have a problem after the AnyDVD installation. After restart dissapeared all icons from taskbar (right down in the clock area ).
Any help? :confused:

Double click on the desktop icon and see if it’ll start and run.

All programs are running. Only the icons dissapeared.

you got to stop messing up your computer with that lame ware or at
least get it from a source you can trust, and im not talking about the nero web site :disagree:

One reaches a point in time where you just don’t feel so guilty with hacking. If they can’t make a program that does not blow up your computer the rules are off the table. And stay away from the version 7 hackware. It can kill anything unless adjusted first :iagree:

I have watched several popular programs play their games all in the name of anti copy. They fell badly. I watched one go from saying the don’t use this certain MS files to a company that now does. A very lame attempt at best. Nobody seems to have a problem getting around it. I just might write the big book of “How to” Put it up on the Bay. Because it would not contain the actual program code I think I can write a book. Ill give somebody a hint. Remember you told me you were getting pissed at me. Well guess what brother in 20+ years nobody ever came through the CRT to kill me. And Ill step on your bear foot toes to pip you out for $5 a crack if you come within 1000 miles of me. Im one heck of a big dude. Your pocket protector won’t slow me down.

Ps Hollywood has allready offered to pay for the trip and a vacation when were finished. Guess you picked on the wrong person to mess with

i think i have missed something…

Not really but who I was talking about knows very well :iagree:
Cigar: Im sick of people paying out cash money only to have their computer blow up and im going to do something about it and there is no way for them to stop me. It will be on other boards but they can kiss my grits. Anyway what are they going to do when a million people download the “how to book” :disagree:

Copywrite me. so I guess I can do anything I want with it

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what do you mean bkf?

Thanos175, check and see if the “hide inactive icons” got checked somehow in the start menu properties.

No isn’t checked

How long have you had it? Where did you download it from? You might try a clean instal but you’ll need to uninstall it then run a reg cleaner, then install anydvd again then reapply your key. Also make sure there isn’t any antivirus software running and turn off the firewall then apply the key ect…If the problem persists you can always email slyslot.Just make sure you have your valid key handy I do believe they ask you your registration # or whatever on it.

What other programs do you have that use taskbar icons? I found that my AnyDVD icon disappeared after I installed MusicMatch 10. After removing MM 10 the AnyDVD icon is back.

I had a similar problem with icons disappearing and reappearing. Googled it and it’s somewhat of a known issue with XP. You can download a program from mirosoft called TweakUI that completely solved my issue, brought all icons back and kept them there.