Anydvd disables autoplay on DVD and cd's, help!

I cant get my head around this, but for some reason anydvd completly disables my autoplay on my DVD ROM… Not just dvd’s but cd’s as well, when its running I cant run anything at all. The DVD ROM just will not play at all! I have done about 3 clean formats, with the absolute minimum of stuff installed. Just drivers and three programs. Anydvd, powerdvd and nero 6. Now I tried with a clean install of just anydvd and it still does not help. There is sumin not right in the program that is causing these problems for me. I bought new IDE cables to try and solve it with no luck. Tried a miriad of slaver master primary and secondary ide, and nothing works. I am pulling my hair out here, Please please help.

I attach a log of whats happening, is it supposed to increase in size even when a cd or dvd not in it?

Don’t AUTO load AnyDVD during boot.

:confused: :confused: :confused: What ?? Why Not ?? :confused: :confused: :confused:

I have AnyDVD auto starting and my autorun is not affected.

Please make sure that you are using the most current version of AnyDVD, currently this is version
There have been a couple of fixes made recently around fixing the filesystem locking method and fixing the info window from blocking Windows from seeing the newly inserted disks.

Also check to make sure you are using the Microsoft IDE drivers and not the Nvidia or Intel ones.

OK sorry for the late reply, been at work all day, also went out and purchased a new dvd rom. Its weird, while my dvd rom would and has previously worked with anydvd, it had loads of problems, was fine without anydvd loaded :S. However the new dvd rom works fine, and am back up and running.

Any ideas why the old one could suddenly stop working with anydvd loaded? :rolleyes:

I also have had AnyDVD set to autostart and my autorun was not affected.

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Open AnyDVD settings and uncheck “PC Friendly (autorun on Video DVD)” under the DVD tab. Reboot your system (not necessary but adviseable) and the problem should be solved.