AnyDVD disabled for my drives

I’ve got 2 questions actually. I’ve used AnyDVD trials for a couple months. They worked great, then one day when i installed new ones my computer would say that the trial was up right away…what’s up with that. My second concern is i just got a registration key from a friend, and it works fine, but after my computer gets done rebooting that stupid window pops up that says that AnyDVD didn’t find any drives and that either I don’t have one or it’s external and it’s not connected or I should uninstall it reboot install and reboot. Well I’ve done the check box thing and reinstalled and rebooted up the butt but it still wont find my drive. I might cry :sad:. This window poped up sometimes with the trials, but they went away right away after i would reboot or something, but now no luck. Help me cdfreaks…you’re my only hope.

First off would be a good idea to purchase the program if your incline to use it in the future. After that we can help you more with your problem using Anydvd.

You’re only hope is to buy AnyDVD. You’ve used it past 21 days. No help from anyone until you buy it.

Buy the software the trial is 21 days after that you are stealing the software if you do not buy it. Thread Closed.:cop: