Anydvd director's commentary fault

i am trying to copy dvds to my phone i have ripped a dvd to my hard drive but when i put it on my phone the directors commentrie was on. any ideas how i can avoid this.
I used Xilisoft 3GP Video Converter to put it onto my phone.

I don´t know this software, but I´ve had similar problems when editing menus to save space when the titles include director´s commentaries. Nowdays I don´t bother to edit the audio tracks when they include commentaries, also because I need to keep both the English and German audio anyway (makes for higher compression than I would like however). I´ll bet someone here knows how to do it though.

anydvd has NOTHING to do with what audio tracks are included on a backup.

you need to pay attention and select the correct audio track when you transcode the disc AFTER its been ripped to your computer (IE after anydvd has served its purpose)

so whatever program you’re using to process the dvd files after anydvd decrypts them is the program at fault, and you need to make sure you select the correct audio setting in THAT program, not anydvd.