Anydvd CSS Keys



Can anyone advise me as to what the CSS keys are for in Anydvd???
Is it necessary to keep them??? will it effect the running If I close the option.

Any info at all apreciated :bow:


they are used when decryting film protection


Are you talking about the key archive in AnyDVD? Right mouse button click reveals the secret (as always).


Yes I was wondering what they are for as I tried the both options of having them and not having them…I thought that they were just resistry entries it says you can delete them,

I am interested about their purpose


Have you tried the right mouse button trick?


Had a few problems today getting things working. After this AnyDVD version
is NOT showing any information in settings box for CSS Keys.

The tick box is ticked “To use CSS Key Archive” but EMPTY


have you backed up ant movies ?, if not it will be empty.


Now hover your mouse pointer over the checkbox and click the RIGHT mouse button for the explaining words.
You can also hover your mouse button in the empty area and click the RIGHT mouse button for much more explaining words.
You can actually click the RIGHT mouse button anywhere to get even more explaining words.
Best of all, always after installing a new version, AnyDVD tells you that clicking the RIGHT mouse button will reveal a lot of explaining words.


Yes I backed up a movie in the last hour. On checking it was empty…a right mouse click says “No help available”


Looks like your AnyDVD is not installed correctly. Try to reinstall it.


Yes I have reinstalled things and I get the information you said with the right click…so the answer to my question “What are CSS keys for” is…

AnyDVD keeps archives of all CSS Keys it has cracked in the registry if this option is enabled. This is done because cracking can take some time.
If you insert a DVD for the second time, AnyDVD will retrieve the key from the Key archive instead of cracking it again…

Thanks to all who posted reply I am slow but I will get there (With help)



Just my personal preference but I never enable the archive CDD Keys box.
Keep in mind if for some rare reason AnyDVD fails a copy protection crack, everytime you try to copy it again it will fail because it reverts back to the defective key.
On my machine it only takes seconds to crack, so it’s nice to start with a clean slate.


ROFL!! Maybe use the RIGHT hand for the hammer?? :iagree:


Thanks I’ll keep that in mind