AnyDVD crashes when loading HOSTAGE

Every time I insert the new movie Hostage, AnyDVD 5111 goes bye bye. It simply unloads and is gone. Other DVD’s do not cause this problem. What is the issue?

@ floatempole,

Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and download a copy of the latest version of AnyDVD.

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Just copied this DVD (Region1 - Widescreen) last night using AnyDVD & CloneDVD and it worked just fine. Update your programs and you will be fine.

I have both of those newest versions, but the error I get from CloneDVD is that the data is too large to write to DVD.

Are you trying to copy the whole DVD or just the main movie?? I never copy the MENU’s, EXTRA’s, and stuff…only the movie. You can still jump from track to track without the main menu…just press NEXT on your remote. All the extra stuff just lowers the quality of the movie copy unless you are using a DVD+R DL.

Set the output size correctly.