Anydvd crashes my machine, even in safemode

anydvd crashed my machine, i read the fact, i did what it said and put the program in safe mode, it crashed my system a second time.

how do i fix this?

i used another similer program, same thing happens, how do i stop this?

What is your system configuration, OS used?

3ghx pent 4 with ht
1 gig ram
windows xp

With the specs you indicate you should not be having any crashing problems.
What I would do is change the AnyDVD settings not to run on startup.
Then in the run box type in “msconfig.exe”, go to the startup tab.
1-Make note of what you have running on startup.
2- Click disable all then OK
3- Your computer will reboot
4- After reboot open AnyDVD and see if it crashes, if it does not, go back into msconfig and begin enabling the startup items you had before, DO THIS 1 AT A TIME.
5- Test AnyDVD for crashes after each program you enable to see if it crashes until you locate the culprit.

Quite frankly I never heard of anybody having conflicts with AnyDVD and other software, but this method will help you isolate if there is one.

My preference is not to have AnyDVD run at startup, when I want to burn I simply click on the shortcut. I believe in running my system lean, less chance for problems and runs at top efficiency. I only have 3 programs running at startup, the more crap you have the longer the boot and shutdown and slows the machine down.
But that’s just my choice and may not be the best for others.

I share this view and follow the same practice.