AnyDVD Coupons

I missed the birthday special coupon, and was wondering if Slysoft has any coupons available for a purchase?

They may have a back to school special…who knows. Just sit tight they seem to post a coupon every month or two.

Not at present…but keep checking the SlySoft site…

Hey, new here…what kind of deals do these coupons give you? Or at least what have they been in the past? I’m looking to buy and don’t know if I should wait for a coupon or not.
Thanks Anyone!!!

I would wait until the trial is on it’s last day. The coupon is good for $5 on one liciense and more if you buy the other line of products.

Thanks Doc. By the way, how do you know it’s on it’s last day? Plus, what’s the advantage of doing that? Thanks again.

He’s not saying that you should wait to purchase AnyDVD on the very last day of your trial. Instead, he says that you should be patient as you have until the expiration of your trial period to upgrade. Just keep checking this forum and the Slysoft site to see if a coupon is available. You need not purchase the full version at least until your trial version expires.

Dr. Who is telling you not to rush to buy AnyDVD immediately because he believes there’s a decent chance that a coupon will be available before your trial expires- although he doesn’t know when that will be. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Also, when you start AnyDVD, it should show a popup telling you how many days you have left. When the popup says you have 0 days left, you’ll know that the program will no longer be functional the next day.

Thacks for clarifying it for me. Well said.

Dr Who is psychic and has the ability to transcend time and space
that plus the panic in your posting :wink:

LOL very funny zaq. hows the 100+ weather down there it is in the kewl 80’s here. LOL

Nope I’m not psychic but why rush to buy when there may be a possibility of a coupon code to save some money. Slysofts not stingy they love to get more new users of their fine product. As for so2315 least you didn’t buy the rip off on ebay. :smiley:

Darn hot down here in the bush
Not Aussie land, Texas that is

Yes, it as usual good advice from you
ie to wait till last possible day of trial
and of course since the dvds are owned there is really no rush to back them up, and can wait a bit beyond the trial if $5 is important to the person :smiley:

Slysoft always is running sales, I am sure they will have one very soon. Stay tuned I am sure it won’t be long.

I’ve been waiting ages! Please Slysoft, give us a coupon!

They had 2 coupons just 2 weeks ago.

from the anydvd page on this site. (

“Enter cdfreaks in the coupon area and you will get a discount of 10 USD on every single purchase at This offer is valid untill the 15th of November so decide fast!”

[B]Date added: 26/10/2005 to november 2005[/B] good try but read all the details we hate to see unhappy customers that were robbed due to an old coupon code.

Oops, we should edit that. Slysoft once in a while informs us that they have a special discount for our members, so if you want a discount then keep reading our news site ( or of course this forum! They already gave out coupon codes several times.

I put in bold and in red what the valid date and time on this coupon code which is null and void now. :smiley:

oops. sorry

[B]CDFREAKS is not a valid coupon code AS OF 6/27/2006, I tried it, says INVALID CODE[/B] :sad: