AnyDVD compatability question

Is AnyDVD compatible with Matshita Drives. I have a laptop with Matshita UJ832S drive, Are these two compatiible. Also, I want to burn using the Sonic program I have (version 7 - Record Now). Will it be sufficient, also any issues that you guys foresee with thi setup.


If you do a search in this forum on that type of drive there is conflict if I remember right.

Yes. But you cannot make the drive region free using AnyDVD (or any other tool, I just say that so you can save your time trying something else).

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Suggest viewing the below Forum posting which should answer your question concerning AnyDVD and Matshita Drives. Note the comments by SlySoft in posting thread #2.

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Why not simply download the free trial (21 days) and give it a go?

Or just using a patched firmware if there’s one available, that’s another question.
But using on your own risk.

Hi , i am new here and want to post about my dvd recorder.
I am trying to get service for my yamakawa 628 dvd recorder
it has failed two time once under warrantee. seem to be power supply , nothing lites up at all… it seems these people have disappeared. Does anyone know an active address or phone number? the 800 one does not work. also I need work on my liteon. seems these machines have not been perfected. have had trouble with a couple others also… Alsdo is thee any place I can get the yamakawa fixed other than the company who makes them… who repairs these machines??? Thanks, {{RDS}}

matshita drives cannot be made region free with any firmware or software solution.

anydvd is perfectly compatible with matshita for all decrypting purposes as long as the region of the disc always matches the region of the player.

you will not find ANY solution that makes Matshita drives region free or multi-region or whatever due to the hardware of the drive itself.

if your discs are the same region as the drive and you’re looking into anydvd for its decryption function then by all means go ahead and trial/purchase this program as it is one of the best out there.

this is a topic about matshita drives in the anydvd forum. your post is neither about mathsita drives or anydvd so I’d say you’re in the wrong place.

try the dvd recorder or newbie forums. please PM a mod and ask them to move your post to one of the above forums as cross posting is against the rules. you won’t get any relevant responses by hijacking a thread that’s not even closely related to what you’re asking about. Once the thread is moved you might be able to get some responses.

Not for one matshita drive the UJ815 could be patched to have it region free.

Thanks for the helpful posts. I amplaying mostly region1 on region1 drive, so no problems anticipated. I intalled the trial version, and would check it out in next 3 weeks.


Don’t forget except for the latest Sony copy protection which new version of AnyDVD is able to deal with DVDShrink do exactly the same thing and is for free.

are you saying that anydvd and dvd shrink do exactly the same thing?

unless I’ve misunderstood your post, that is a false statement.

dvd shrink is a transcoder that will not deal with not only Sony’s Arccos protection but also ripguard and whatever newer stuff we’ve yet to encounter.

anydvd is a fully supported piece of software that decrypts pretty much anything, but is NOT a transcoder.

comparing anydvd and dvd shrink is like comparing apples an oranges. both are good programs, but they definitely don’t do the same things.

Please don’t be so biased with AnyDVD and ignor other application. Jjust before this nonsensense new Sony protection came out people including this poster have been using DVDShrink for years without need for AnyDVD even for protection removal. Don’t try to knock down the art work of other which has made it available free of charge to everyone without any compensation.

i’m not trying to. dvd shrink is a great program and i still own it and use it.

don’t get so defensive.

all i’m saying is that the two products are not similar.

one’s a transcoder with a decrypter that will work only movies without the latest protection schemes.

the other is an all-purpose decrypter with no transcoding capabilities. granted, anydvd has a ripper, but it will only rip the full disc to file mode…no transcoding.

I go along with this “one’s a transcoder with a decrypter that will work only movies without the latest protection schemes.”


DVD Shrink [B]WITH[/B] AnyDVD is a fantastic combination! :cool:
That combination is capable of backing up every DVD out there right now, IMHO.

PGCEdit w/PSL2 plugins and DVDFab Decrypter also works good with Shrink as well and they are both free alternatives. :wink:

I am having trouble with anydvd and my new NEC ND-3550A dvd burner. It simply will not recognise that there is a valid dvd drive installed. It also won’t work with roxio so I’ve had to switch to nero. Has anyone else had any success making this drive work? Thanks djrisk…

You seem to have some serious driver issue. If you are using 3rd party IDE Busmaster drivers - get rid of them.

I used anydvd to copy Harry Potter 1 (I own the movie). Anydvd worked perfectly to let me create an ISO for the movie on the HD. As you all know it is a DVD9 and my writer is for DVD5. Is there anything out there which will let me split ISO so I can record to two Disk5’s