AnyDVD & CloneDVD2

I have downloaded both trial versions of these software just to see if I could back a DVD up and this is what I get everytime on any DVD that I try.

CloneDVD2 is not used in copying protected DVDs… blah blah blah

and it continues with copyrights and such. I understand all of this but what I dont understand is how there are so many posts about everyone backing DVDs up using only anyDVD and CloneDVD or DVDshrink. Is there a setting someplace that I am missing that gets rid of the message and allows me to continue?


Did you start the program AnyDVD?
If so what color is it in the corner near the clock?

It shows a red fox…

Thats got to be it. You don’t have AnyDVD running or you installed it incorrectly.

Put the DVD original into your ripper drive and wait for AnyDVD to decrypt it. It is finished when your drive light stops flashing. Then load CloneDVD2.

It did give me a message about uninstalling DVD43 which I have been using but I have been reading on here that anyDVD is better. I have been happy with my older version of cloneCD that I have used for quite some time so I decided to try CloneDVD.

You post back faster than I can type. Re-read my last post.

Don’t run AnyDVD and DVD43 at the same time.

i am not running them at the same time, I just didnt want to uninstall dvd43 if I dont like anydvd.

Ya, but did you

Put the DVD original into your ripper drive and wait for AnyDVD to decrypt it. It is finished when your drive light stops flashing. Then load CloneDVD2.
You should not get a copy protection error message from CloneDVD…

it seems that I had this problem once before and ended up uninstalling anydvd because it didnt work with CloneDVD and dvd43 did. Could it be that it is a trial version and not the full version? It didnt say anywhere when I downloaded that it was a crippled version.

No, both are full versions. Reinstall both AnyDVD and CloneDVD again (over themselves). Then reapply the keys for both. Don’t forget to reboot.

Did you just download both from Slysoft(?) … what are the version numbers of both programs?

It seemed to do so, I get this in the anydvd info screen

Found & removed RCE protection!
DVD structure appears to be correct.
Changed firstplay: Jump directly to Title 1!
Found & removed structural copy protection (Arccos, Puppetlock)!
Found & removed invalid VOBUs!
Autorun not found on Video DVD.
Found & removed 3 bad sector protections!
Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 1!

clone dvd

You are current so that’s not it. AnyDVD info seems to show it is doing it’s job. Open CloneDVD now … what happens?

@ JaybJoe,

You have visited this Forum and requested assistance.

Knowledgeable Forum Member is attempting to assistance and has asked you to remove DVD43 because AnyDVD will not work correctly if DVD43 is installed on your computer.

Best Regards,

I choose copy DVD titles - then browse to the DVD inserted - choose it and a pop-up comes up and says that the disk is copy protected - I choose continue and the next button is greyed out and i cannot do anything else. If I close anydvd and choose dvd43 and do the same steps it begins to back the DVD up. Yes I can use DVD43 to backup the DVD but I wanted to see why everyone raves so much about anyDVD - especially with the new Sony disks.

Oh he said to uninstall dvd43? I thought he meant not to run it at the same time. No, I didnt uninstall it. I simply choose not to start it up at the same time as anyDVD. I didnt want to uninstall it yet until I was sure that anyDVD would work before I purchased it. I guess I can uninstall dvd43 to see if that fixes the problem but I need to find out if I still have the install for DVD43 before being stuck with neither program.


Yah, on your system, 43 is causing a problem with AnyDVD. Wait a minute while i type out something for you.

@ JaybJoe,

The AnyDVD pop up window clearly states that there are incomparability issues when DVD43 is installed at the same time that same time AnyDVD is installed.

Remove both DVD43 and AnyDVD. Reboot your computer and then re-install AnyDVD and them reboot your computer after re-installing AnyDVD. If you fail to do as I just stated the AnyDVD program will fail to operate correctly.

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Do this. DVD43 is free, right(?) … so you can always download it and reinstall … so uninstall DVD43. Uninstall CloneDVD. Uninstall AnyDVD.

Both Clone and Any have their own uninstall routines under Start/Programs/Elby and Slysoft/Uninstall … i.e. don’t use Windows Add/Remove programs. When the uninstall programs ask you something like “do you want to remove all registry entries for (Any or Clone)” Yes or No … click YES. (be sure you have saved the keys for both programs to a floppy disk or other media). When ever prompted to reboot, do it … don’t cheat.

If 43 has it’s own uninstall, use that rather than “add/remove”

Reboot once more. Now install Clone and Any following all rebooting prompts. Reapply the keys for both programs. Can’t remember if you are prompted to reboot after appying keys …

Try it now … you know the drill … fingers crossed me!


I was doing just that as you were typing it and it is now working! I appreciate the help guys…