AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 Verbatim Issue -R issue?

I find this a bit odd. These test results pictured below for the FIRST disc of my 100pk of Verbatim 16X certified (disc info also below) came out great until it was 99% done the quality scan…I had a 95 quality score and at 99% huge spike…final score of 33 :-(. I have NOT tested it on my DVD Toshiba player yet…which I will later today…but should i be alarmed/concerned about that final spike??

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:MCC 03RG20 ]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD-R] - [DVD-R]
Manufacturer Name : [Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.]
Manufacturer ID : [MCC 03RG20 ]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4.71 GB (4.38 GiB)]

[ DVD Identifier V4.2.0 - ]

looks like a good burn (aside from teh spike obviously)

take a look at the disc. something that scans that poorly should be identifiable in that area. dist/dirt or a bit of a fingerprint maybe? clean the disc thoroughly and re-scan it to see.

if it was a disc/dye irregularity, i’d expect the spike to span a bit more space horizontally (in terms of data size) than just that single column

The spike is lookin ugly but don’t worry about that, that’s a single high spike. Larger areas with spikes like these could be a little problem but not a must be. It depends more on your standalone player, if your player reads it fine then it’s ok. What burning speed you’ve selected and do you’ve tried to scan the disc with kprobe?

Thanks for the quick replies. I used Nero 7 Ultra to burn. CloneDVD to HDD to encode with AnyDVD. Burnt speed was 8X (highest the recorder can go at -R). 16X max speed of DVD. I’m told that usually its best to burn at maybe 4X? 6X tops? But since the disc tests were so good…I’m not sure if thats necessary (besides that final spike). As far as I know I do have the latest firmware for the drive too. K probe…nope…never heard of it. I’ll give that a shot though.

out of curiousity, why didn’t you just burn with clonedvd? I don’t trust nero. if it works for you, that’s fine, but it seems like you added an extra unnecessary step into the mix.

kprobe is the standard scanning tool for liteon drives. It’s thought to be more accurate because it was designed with the specific hardware in mind.

also 8x burn speed for that media is perfect. I wouldn’t burn any 16x media below 8x. slower isn’t always better. usually 1 or 2 “steps” below the rated speed is just fine. Burning too slow can cause just as many problems as burning too fast in many cases.

Also manufacturers recommend not to use 16x certified discs on a burner which supports in your case -R up to 8x. But honestly this would be again another thing this depends on the drives firmware so in many cases you can use this without problems.

You might try backing off burning at your burner’s maxiumum speed possible. If you are pushing against the limits of your burner’s practical speed capabilities, it will likely show up towards the outer edge of the media (ie. the end of the burn), where the burn speed tends to be at its maximum. Maybe try a couple at 4x burn speed and see how they look after? But since the spike is completely out of character with the rest of the burn and sitting at the very end, maybe it is an indication of the media or burning engine gagging at the very end of the burn for some reason?

Ok this is NOT a good sign…Now I havent scanned with kprobe YET…but…if you look carefully at the dvd image on this…There appears to be a a slight ring around the whole disc towards the border of the DVD but not RIGHT AT the border…from what I have seen, these are bad burns/damaged. The media looks fine BEFORE the burn…I will test them both now on my dvd player and see how the movie turns out as well as kprobe…is this ring around it worrisome? I’ve never noticed that before on prior dvd’s ive burned…

The scan shows other stuff on the dvd…but its just reflections…the only thing you see actually looking at the dvd is that ring around it…ignore the other stuff…

rings like that can happen sometimes. i’m not sure what it’s due to, but i don’t think it’s anything to worry about. I think it has to do with the burning speed, but don’t quote me.

as you probably already know, that ring isn’t what caused your spike in the scan. it’s just not in the right place for it. considering your disc scanned just fine from beginning to near-end (including where it would encounter that ring), i’d say you don’t have anything to worry about.

have you tried cleaning and rescanning that disc? I really think it might have been just a speck of dust, always good to double check though just in case!

Results of same disc with kprobe (i think the default options are the same as the nero test)…It appears that there are 0 errors…however, you can still see at the end the red bar going all the way up…(unless that line just means the end of the disc test?)…

no, it still shows that PIF of 19 at the end…

that’s really weird. did you clean the disc before scanning? guess the disc sort of died at the end. a PIF of 19 is certainly no cause for major alarm…looks you the very ending credit might skip a tiny bit…I’m sure you’ll live :slight_smile:

i’d scan some other discs that you’ve burned just to make sure it’s not something that the drive is causing.

Well hmm, This looks about the same quality as the last test…although the end part is slightly different, I think? This is a different disk. If this is any concern…what tests or other things should i consider? I doubt dropping the speed to 4X on a 16X disc will help much over the 8X. Im guessing I have nothing to worry about though…you tell me :slight_smile:

looks great to me! I’m used to much lower PI totals (TY media and my benq DW 1640 seem to love each other), but based on the other scan i think it looks really good.

maybe someone more familiar with liteon drives will comment, but that last scan with the spike seems to be a fluke, and I wouldn’t worry if your scans consistently look like this one :slight_smile:

that last scan meaning the first disc’s spike at the very end?

When you burn a DVD and test to make sure the movie burned on ur actual dvd player…how do you test it? Fast forwarding slow-moderately to make sure it doesnt freeze? Watch it in full? Something else?

the only real way is to watch it in full.

if you see spikes about halfway through tou can try guesstimating at where the errors might be in the movie by fast forwarding, but it’s really just a lost cause.

i’ll always have my originals to create more backups from if i need to so my take is that a burn and a scan are enough. if it comes time to watch the movie and my backup has problems, i’ll make another from the original.

I’ve never run into a backup that scanned well, but had playback issues.

do u run a scan on every disc u burn? So basically if its a good scan you dont bother checking?

BTW, I almost always just fast forward at a moderate speed throughout. Cause when I notice picture freezing…it actually happens while FFing…so as far as I can tell its a good method…but im not really sure of that…

i used to. now i scan ever five or 10 discs just for fun. I’m at a point where I know that my burner and my media work so well together that i really don’t even have a need for scanning.

there’s always the chance of a bad batch so I guess theoretically to be 100% sure you have to scan each burn, but overall it’s nto really necessary.

So can I basically make the assumption that its not necessary to check the dvd on the player if the test gives very little to no errors? Also, should I try burning at like 4 or 6X? Think that could help at all? What about other processes running like firewall, antivirus, browsers, etc…

i turn EVERYTHING off while burning…firewall, antivirus, any programs, the whole shabang.

as far as testing discs, that’s up to you. i don’t test every single one in my dvd player…it’s not feasible time-wise. the scans will generally give youa pretty good idea of how the burn came out. in the blank media forum there’s a thread about interpreting scans that’s pretty interesting. overall, what you’ve posted here is very good, and i can guarantee that will play in your standalone.

meaning if my test results are consistent (as i posted twice) that they will almost all burn successfully with no picture freezing or skipping scenes?