AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 problem: on which drive AnyDVD?



i guys…
i use AnyDVD and CloneDVD without problem for some months but in this last 3 week i have many problem burning DVD+/-RW readable in DVD player.

I reinstall WinXp system and only application taht i use, for 3 or 4 days all works fine now again i have problem burning DBD readable in DVD player and alco PC.

Problem is tha all buring procedure works fine but DVD+/-RW is unreadable, in PC and DVD player.
Some time DVD burned work fine othertime don’t works.

So, my question:

  1. On which drive i need to activate AnyDVD? only DVD read unit or also on DVD burn unit and VirtuaCloneDrive?

  2. If CloneDVD remove DVD structure or any other structure DVDprotection, i need to cloneDVD or i can extract only movie? In one case if i cloneDVD all works fine, if i extract only movie, this is not read by PC or Player.

  3. Which media i should use? -rw or +rw?

Any suggestion?



RW media is really trouble in many players. Most burners have errors that are way too high and many players will not read +RW unless it is bitset. Verbatim +RW is one of the best. What is your burner?

AnyDVD works on any reader so you don’t need to tell it where the disc is. CloneDVD burns a perfectly playable DVD no matter what parts you choose to burn, so your problems are not there.


My burner is Samsung SH-W162C.
My doubt is that i burn wothout any problem for 15 times, now i have problem with my +/-RW media.

I will buy a verbatim RW media and i will try with it, until now i use Verbatim -R printable DVD and i don’t have any type of problem with any type of reader :slight_smile:

I hope that my problem is only media problem, now i burn a Sony -RW Accucore media… i will inform you about result…

Media that i have use with problem are:

+rw 4x MMore brand, by Bayer Macrolon
-rw 2x TDK brand

Do you know a tools to analyze and tell me manufacture, type and all information about DVD media?



@ mzanchi,

Perchance why would you be purchasing RW media to record your backup Commercial DVD Movie Titles? RW media is not the preferred media to record backup Commercial DVD Movie Titles that will played on stand-alone desktop DVD playback devices. Many stand-alone desktop DVD playback devices are not capable of playing RW media. For the widest play back compatibility of your backup Commercial DVD Movie Titles use DVD-R media or DVD+R media that is book type set to DVD-ROM.

Also the long-term playback reliability of RW media is less than DVD±R media.

Also Sony DVD manufactured is manufacture by different manufactures. To ensure that your Sony DVD media is of high quality only purchase Sony DVD media that clearly states ‘Made In Japan’. Avoid purchasing Sony media made in any other country other than ‘Made In Japan’ because the quality of this media is unknown and considered suspect.

Best Regards,


Thanks BJKG for you information about SONY media and also thanks to chass0039 for any your suggestion.

Maybe i have found my problem, i still run some test but all my issue is for last firmware of my DVD burner (Samsung SH-W162C).

As suggested by chass0039 i buy 2 verbatim support:

  • 1 DVD-RW Verbatim 4x compatible, SERL technology
  • 1 DVD+RW verbatim 4x compatible, SERL technology

i downgrade SH-W162C firmware to TS009 and i successfully burn many DVD video playable on different DVD player (stand-alone,PC,portable)

i use my old media, but i create DVD video with some and different problem

i reformat with Nero my Sony media and use it and all works fine…

I definitly think that last firmware of my recorder have some problem in my configuration.

yes BJKG i use DVD-R for my DVD video backup, but i crate DVD-video from videorecording for wedding,sport and any other type of request.
I create a DVD video to distribute in order to view and validate my work, in this case i would like to use -/+RW media.

thanks again