AnyDVD+CloneDVD or DVD decryptor+DVD Shrink



So whats everyones prefered combo. ?

Anydvd with Clonedvd
dvd decryptor with dvd shrink


I use Anydvd with Clonedvd mostly although i also use dvd decryptor and dvdshrink as well…


Cant beat the price and quality of shink and decrypter



You forgot my favorite option, Decrypter and CloneDVD.


Decrypter and DVD Rebuilder (with CCE) :iagree:
I only use DVD-Shrink if the movie needs less than 10% compression, otherwise it gets too ‘blocky’.


DVD Decrypter + DVD Rebuilder + QuEnc

Likewise I only use Shrink if a very small amount of compression is required.


DVD Decrypter + NERO Recode2 for compression. DVD Decrypt + DVD Fab (free) or Intervideo DVDCopy3 to split to 2 discs.


DVD decryptor then Dvd2One … never had a coaster or any play back problems yet …

Only thing is since i got a 3520A i cant use Sonic RecordNow Dx 4.6, ive
got to burn everything through nero. which im not so keen on …


AnyDVD and CloneDVd2.


  1. Quick.
  2. Easy.
  3. Reliable.


Hi, I’m having trouble with dvd shrink…how do I burn through dvd decrypter without having to use dvd shrink to put it on a disc?


Run DVD Decrypter Mode => ISO => Read then pick a Destination folder and run the program. Having your DVD in your Source drive.
Run DVD Decrypter Mode => ISO => Write then select your file. Have a blank DVD 9 in your burner and burn.
Just make sure its not a ritek DVD 9 to increase your odds of a good burn.
Good luck.


Some times both combinations!


I dont know what a dvd 9 is


It’s a double layer disc 8.5gb :wink:


I gave up on DVD Shrink a while back and DVD Decrypter just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. With the protection on a lot of the new movies available, these two are obselete.

I thought DVD Decrypter would be up to the task but it inserts “Dummy Sectors” and some of the movies do not begin until 5,6,7,8 minutes into the disc when re-authored with DVD Shrink.

My choice is AnyDVD/CloneDVD2, it always come through when DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter fails, just as it did with two of the three movies I backed up last night.


Anydvd & Clonedvd for me, not had any problems yet & if there is a problem the guys at slysoft/elby will have a fix for it soon.


I want to convert to 3* dvd5 (with wasted space I know) a dvd9 dvd with 3 episodes on it - keeping the full menu but on each disc either the other episode buttons doing nothing or saying insert disc x - I do not want to recode, so keeping the original quality.

I would not mind splitting this dvd9 3 episode vob set currently on HD to 2 * dvd5 with the middle episode (no:2) being half on 1 and half on disc 2 i.e Disk 1 has full menu with full episode 1 and half of episode 2, with disk 2 having full menu with the 2nd half of episode 2 and all of episode 3. There are currently no extra’s on this first disc.

I have tried various programmes but none seem to work as required. I can get DVDFabGold to work giving 3 seperate dvd5 uncompressed copies but no menu - if I let it do a dvd9 to 2*dvd5 with menu, strangely it places ep1 and the first half of ep3 on disk 1 (!!!), and ep2 complete with the 2nd half of ep3 on disk2 - madness.

vobblanker - what can I say, cannot understand it - dvdrebuilder let me blank out sections, produced a vob set roughly 2.x GB’s in size, but when played showed a black screen for several seconds and then stopped.

Can anyone say what I can use that works as required?



Idealy DVD Decrypter+DVDRebuilder+CCE. However of the 1-clickers, DVDShrink (with Advanced Analysis) is better, and free, and unless it is using the new Sony protection or is a very scratched DVD there is no need to rip with DVD Decrypter first.

Ben :slight_smile:


I have just got into DVD Rebuilder and the quality is pretty good. I’m not very picky given that I have a 25" tv so everything looks okay to me. I use DVD Decrypter (haven’t run into any DVD that has given me problems yet) with DVD Rebuilder + HC encoder.