AnyDVD/CloneDVD not playing on XBOX



I just got both of these programs and tried burning my first DVD. It works fine on my Sanyo DVD player, but my XBOX will not read it. Is it something in my settings? Could it just be specific to this dvd? Any help would be great. Thks


What media are you using.


I am using anydvd and clonedvd2 and I have no problems playing the burned dvds on a xbox 360. I am using Sony DVD+R dvds.

Maybe it is a difference between the original xbox and the 360?



Sony should be good media . Maybe try different media I think it would be best if you did a search on the forum-I sure theres plenty of other info about xbox. good luck.


The most likely cause of this is not setting booktype to ROM. If your drive (burner) supports it, change the setting from +R to ROM. If your drive does not support this functionality, or if it’s already set to ROM, then media choice is the problem. +R media set to ROM is very compatible with Xbox’s, followed by -R media.

Note that some standalone players are more picky about -R media, you will need to decide which media type is more desirable for you.