i just burned a movie with anydvd and clonedvd and it worked fine but i was under the impression that when you use anydvd-clonedvd that you can burn on the fly.But when i used it clonedvd put it in a temp file then i had to burn it from the temp i have this set up the right way?or is there something else i need to do to burn on the fly to shorten the process.Thanks:confused:

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or is there something else i need to do to burn on the fly to shorten the process.
CloneDVD Write Existing Data

Use the 3rd button ‘Write Existing Data’ :

‘Source and Output Method’ window :

Source > Enter the path of the IFO/VOB files to process > DVD-ROM w (original/already copied) DVD media

Output > DVD writer w DVD-Recordable media

Go !

This method is valid if the source media doesn’t need to be transcoded and already fits onto the target media.

I have only been using AnyDvd & Clone Dvd for a short while so please bare with me.

I use AnyDvd & Clone Dvd to take certain files from a dual layer original disc and put them onto a single layer disc.

Should i already have a copied Dvd on a single layer disc i use Nero version 6 to do a straight copy but reading the post above am i correct in thinking that it will do the same thing so i dont need to use Nero at all.

Also where it says Volume Label at the moment on the screen it says Video Dvd will it copy the name of the Dvd it is to copy from or do i need to put in the name of the Dvd myself.