anyDVD & CloneDVD & DVDXcopy Platinum



Follow this question please.

I think that DVDXcopy Platinum compresses a complete DVD retaining better video that CloneDVD. Not sure just think that is so. Now with that in mind follow this idea and someone tell me if this is overkill.

Use AnyDVD and CloneDVD and copy disk to harddrive. There should reside a unprotected copy of the DVD. Then use DVDXCOPY Platinum to browse to that folder and burn that movie. So would I copy to the harddrive an iso file or the movie files.

Sign me a new guy to AnyDVD/CloneDVD and enough knowledge of DVDXcopy to be dangerous :confused: :iagree: :rolleyes:


You think too much. A little knowledge can be very dangerous. Why would you think that DVD X is better if you don’t have any evidence to support your case?


Thanks for the reply.

Well I’m not totally sure its better. Just that it’s more familar to me and requires less set-up. My impression.

I guess I was looking at the easiest way to accomplish the tasks. I guess it is/was the apprehension of learning another new software program. The other one was pretty simple.

I have now burnt four movies. Testing 4 and 8 speed +R and -R. Making sure that they play in my portable DVD player.

I have now learned how to copy movies to my hard drive and play from there. Reason for that is somewhere I read that it is less battery wear to play the movie from the hard drive than from the DVD drive. I am now thinking of burning movies to ISO files and putting them on a external hard drive for archieval purposes.

I’m starting to like the CloneDVD ANYDVD combo.

Still researching and learning what it can or can not do.


I would forget about dvdxcopy as it is now dead so to speak with no updates or support anymore…


I have DVD X Copy Platinum and it takes about 45 minutes to make a backup of one of my movies.

With CloneDVD, it looks very similar to me and works in even more DVD players (my friend’s DVD player wouldn’t play Shaun of the Dead made with DVD X, but it would play the copy made with CloneDVD) and I think that CloneDVD is much easier to use.

And the fact that it was a lot cheaper than DVD X. I wish I wouldn’t have spent my money on it before I found AnyDVD and CloneDVD. I also like all of the options of CloneDVD. :slight_smile:


I was a user of Xcopy, then Xpress, and had Xplatinum before it was available on the market as I attended the first power users conference, but since discovering AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 recently (when having trouble with new encryptions) I found it far superior and extremely easy to use. And the support in these forums is fantastic, have recommended it to many. Also, no annoying splash screen…


I echo comments by Southern Comfort. I own all three, and although I loved XCopy when I got it, I never use it any more. AnyDVD/CloneDVD is easier (to me) and has more features. I see no difference in video quality. I have burned a couple hundred discs and never had a single problem. And the support is unbelievable. I have never owned software that is updated so frequently. Not to mention, NO DAMNED WARNINGS!:iagree:


I am new to this whole DVD backup/copy thing.
My experience used to be reviewing software over at INMATRIX…but I had to leave and then I sorta got away from DVD stuff for a couple of years.
I now have a toddler…which means DVDs must be backed up OR ELSE! Back in the day, I never even invested in a burner (They cost a fortune back then) much less considered backing up DVDs. Now I have a sony DVD drive, and a Toshiba 5272 burner, system is p4 2.8 running XP pro.

Heres what Ive noticed…
XCopy Plat never complains. It occaisionally locks up or flakes out…and its interface is really crude and it isnt real flexible…the previewer downright SUCKS…but even now, a year out of update…it still seems to back up MOST titles perfectly…albeit it tends to leave a few unexplainable jitters on many titles…but most people barely notice em. Main thing is it usually FINISHES. It doesnt give up or end with unusual explained errors when I use it?

CloneDVD is what Xcopy should have been as far as interface. You can select and edit the titles easier, the preview/review is NIGHT AND DAY better…all around I like CloneDVD way way better…
Except when copying SCRATCHED TITLES. I have tried backing up ALLADIN SPECIAL EDITION, DUMBO, and SHREK with CloneDVD. Now understand, I have an older child who managed to do some damage in the past! All of those 3 discs aborted at some repeatable spot (I remember alladin was ALWAYS at 34 or 35%, title 6-which is the main movie?) and gave an error message saying something to the effect of, EITHER a previous copy attempt had modified/damaged the source, OR there is damage on the disc/data is damaged and not reading correctly, Please try copying the data to the HARD DRIVE again(Even if I was trying to copy to DISC the 1st attempt).

OK, I know the discs arent new (Well, actually alladin WAS) so I expect some problems with scratches or what have. HOWEVER, what I wanna know…since this was on 3 titles in a week…is why will XCOPY just ignore the scratches and copy the bad data best it can and achieve at least a watchable result,(Though with some jitters usually?) and CloneDVD stops even READING the original disc if it sees a scratche of ANY kind (And none of my 3 visually look THAT bad…)? That seems kinda half-hearted?

The net result was, in order to copy the possibly damaged discs/movies, I switched CloneDVD to COPY TO ISO/UDF mode, and it was able to FINALLY (4th or 5th try) make a copy of ALLADIN SE to an ISO FILE, and then burn that ISO file to a DVD using NERO 6. This fix however didnt help SHREK or DUMBO (Both older discs scratched by 1st son and nephew in the past). Both those continued to error at the same points even when I deselected the burn option and told it to make a file instead.

The final solution for both of those was switching to Xcopy. (Express or Plat…both produced useable results always). Im not a huge fan of Xcopy…but so far, it does seem FAR FAR more forgiving of damaged discs than CloneDVD, and frankly…at 20-45 minutes an attempt, its hard to wanna trust CloneDVD if I know its gonna abort the read on nearly 1/2 my older titles…and then I have to start over with XCopy.

Am I doing something wrong? overlooking something? any comments appreciated. I forgot more than Ill ever know again about DVD and softwares…but Im trying to catch back up. :slight_smile:

Kelly - formerly aka Kelly Garvey, DVD software reviewer, WWW.INMATRIX.COM


Some applications will ignore error. Try DVD Decrypter, then CloneDVD. If you have a bad disc, then polish out the defects prior to use. Garbage in = Garbage out.


Yes, DVD Decrypter is a bit better at reading problem discs, and it’s free so there’s no reason not to have it for the accasional problem. :iagree: