Hopefully easy to answer… if I buy AnyDVD+Clone, do I still need CloneCD? Or will Clone DVD or another program such as HP Record Now or Nero do just as good a job on CDs?

CloneDVD will not copy music CD’s for example. I find that CloneCD is one of the best and easiest to use bits of software for making a 1:1 backup of CD’s and DVD’s - also if you buy all 3 at the same time it doesn’t cost all that much more.

That being said - if you are not going to be backing up any really well protected CD’s if you already have Nero, it should be enough!


Over the long haul - this trio will go a very long way to make your CD and DVD copying a very easy experience - and worth every penny-

I personally have been using AnyDvd for the past 16 months - and am grateful for every penny of the $39 I paid for it - my only regret is that they did not offer the bundled deal then like they do now 'cause I would have jumped all over it - and encourage others to do the same-


Before you fork out your hard earn cash on Anydvd/Clonedvd, i
suggest you try Dvdfab decrypter(free) Dvdshrink(free) Imgburn(free).