AnyDVD/CloneCD defeated by SecuROM v7?

Howdy! First-time poster/Newbie. I’ve been using AnyDVD (current and CloneCD (current and CloneDVD (current for about a year now.

I bought Talking Heads: “Talking Heads Brick” 8 audio-CD set two days ago; I ran AnyDVD and CloneCD but was not able to read or copy any of the 8 discs, and now my system doesn’t seem to recognize my Lite-On LDW-451S CDRW/DVDRW drive after attempting to play them on my computer.

I’ve been reading about SecurRom on this forum (which seems to relate mainly to video games), so I downloaded A-Ray Scanner to see what copy protection was on the CDs. A-Ray Scanner failed to read the disc (said there was no disc in the drive, but there was…). I used WinPatrol to look into my system’s running services and found SecuROM User Access Service V7 and disabled it, ran Microsoft AntiSpyware (which didn’t find or remove anything), I’ve tried Daemon Tools to bypass SecuROM (but couldn’t figure it out) and Secu_7_burner_load to bypass, Alcohol 120%, all with no success.

I’m at my wits end. Until this, I had complete faith in AnyDVD and CloneCD. I am completely stumped and would appreciate any help the forum can offer.

I forgot to add: Dell Dimension 8300, Windows XP Home Edition (current service packs & updates).

SecuROM is for software only - Audio CDs cannot be protected with SecuROM…
so, that you have the SR service installed just shows that you recently had installed a SecuROM protected game… :wink:
was a special ‘Player-Software’ on the Audio CD? did it install itself when you did insert the Audio CD for the first time?

There was no software on the CD, at least as far as I know.

Hmmm…the only game I’ve installed on my computer was PC version of Lego Star Wars. Maybe that’s where SecuROM came from; OK, solves that mystery…

I have since returned the CDs as unreadable and have unistalled the SecuROM service (UAService7.exe -remove); I will completely uninstall and reinstall all of my AnyDVD/CloneCD software.

Why wouldn’t I be able to read any audio tracks from these CDs? My system acted like there wasn’t anything in the drive; it gave me a “please insert media” message or a “no disk found” message. Any insight into this might be helpful (just in case this happens again).