AnyDVD causes Unable to read error?



I am using the latest CloneDVD2, and AnyDVD when I try to back up a DVD, I always get a Unable to Read error… the file is corrupted or not readable, etc. However, if I go to anydvd and switch the safemode either on or off, the problem goes away. It does this any time I remove and put a new dvd in the reader, even on series disks. It occurs when I get to the title config screen and try to select the files. So, I open anydvd and switch safemode either on or off every time (Disk #1 on, disk #2 off, disk #3 on, etc.)

any ideas??


You can try beta.


Yes, please do this. fixes a serious problem, which can cause strange errors.


I have upgraded to, but still have the same problem, just not as regularly… I may do 3 dvds and it works fine, then the next 3 I have to alternate again, then it works fine again… very odd.


i too have the same problem. i installed two different versions and and the very same happens with both. i revert back to and all is fine. i use clone dvd any ideas why i cannot use the later versions?