AnyDVD cause dvd drive problems pc crash?

Okay so i installed AnyDVD which installed and ran fine (given this was a couple weeks ago).
PC Confinguration:
Win XP, 16x dvd drive, 12x dvd burner, anydvd used with dvd shrink.
I’ve used dvd shrink for quite awhile, same version for awhile, was fine, then i decieded to try out any dvd and as soon as i try to use my dvd reader to burn a dvd, my computer seems to slow way down, freezing kinda, then couple second of that it just crashes, reboots… my temps are fine so i know its nothing like that.
After i came back i immediatly uninstalled anydvd, but after simply trying to put a cd or dvd into the dvd drive, my computer crashes, i’m at my hairs end.
My dvdburner reads fine.
And yes i have checked connectivity and everything is fine.
Please help :sad: :confused:

Tried updating firmware for the drive and also removing registry for anydvd… still nothing, i’m not really sure what to do, i hope someone can help me

Now have tried changing the dvd drive to master and the dvdrw to slave, as it was the other way around, still no go, sorry for the multi posts but just keeping people informed who have suggestions, and please do post if you have a suggestion i’m willing to try anything

there is no blue screen it simply crashes, and if i have anydvd completely uninstalled any settings in anydvd are irrelavent

did you use a legit key in anydvd?
if not you may have gotten a virus
run a virus scan

Do you have dvd43 installed as there is a problem with anydvd and dvd43. You seem to have a software problem .Did you install any other software lately?? Maybe a little more info on your system-Ram etc. I am sure someone can come up with a solution.

we all know that anydvd does not cause computer crashes or slowing down
also he has uninstalled AD and still has the same problems
these probs are most akin to a virus infection
also make sure windows updates are… well up to date

Ran virus scan and spyware scan both came up negative. Also i have never had dvd43 installed.
As for my system: OS: WinXP Professional 5.1 Service Pack 2 (Build #2600) CPU: Intel Pentium 4 , 3.60 GHz Video: Plug and Play Monitor on nVidia GeForce 6800 GT Sound: SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio Memory: 1024MB HD: [C:] 122.82/186.30 GB [F:Partition] 139.76/149.04 GB Connection: Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T

do you have any packet writing software installed? (do a search to find the different kinds).

I looked them up and the only one that i may have is if nero has one attached to it

Do you have Nero’s InCD loaded?

Al SS programs set a restore point prior to installation
why don’t you try restoring to a point prior to installation of anydvd via windows restore

no i dont believe i do have nero’s Incd loaded, i’ve checked now and i see nothing of it,
and i cant restore back as i dont have windows restore on, i have turned it off

Hi, all I can suggest is…

do you play games on that machine if so try this link

let this be a lesson
always have sytem restore on when installing new software

i dont do system restores better to just reinstall windows which i’m just going to end up doing this coming weekend
pc running crappy? reinstall windows, fixes everything, given the hardware is not the problem, which for me its definetly not