ANYDVD bypasses DRM?




Is it possible and/or is there any work being done to permit burning licensed drm protected audio files with ANYDVD?
If anyone can do it, you and Slysoft can!!! :smiley:


Not yet, some people have been able to crack WMA DRM files but no one has yet cracked a WMV DRM file. Apparently it’s like trying to crack 128 bit encryption.


It is the WMA files I am curious about.
There are some programs discussed on other threads of this forum that work for a while and then don’t.
Two that come to mind are Virtuosa and Acoustica.
I thought something might be on the burner since anydvd will let one copy most CD’s that have copy protection.


I’m bumping this thread because I feel that we can get some good advice on this from the creators of anydvd.


The method used to remove DRM from files these days requires the user to have a valid license for that file. You would play the file (output to file) and it would no longer have DRM. So, I’m guessing the only way AnyDVD could do this would be to block a DRM bit to the programs that could write DRM-Free.

Now, while I just pulled that out of my ass, and it sounds easy. Who knows how easy it can actually be…

Also, I don’t know if SlySoft really wants the music industry after them.

Should AnyDVD be renamed to AnyDRM? hehe, wait… that could work. AnyDRM could be a program that includes AnyDVD and a AnyCD. Wow… Moment of clarity.