AnyDVD Beta Trial Period Reset?



Does the AnyDVD Beta Version work with new trial period even if you’ve already had a trial period in the past?


I don’t think they will give you a second trial period. At least, I couldn’t get a second try last year, so I bought it. It’s definitely worth it. I have yet to have a single problem with it, combined with CloneDVD.


Just wanted to be sure it would work with “Little Black Book” and "Resident Evil: Apocalypse before I bought it. I haven’t tried it since they added the new Sony copy protection.


Yes, with AnyDVD you will get a fresh trial period.


v4.5.1.1 is out now :slight_smile:


Yes, it works with Little Black Book and I used it with Resident Evil: Apocalypse as well. Just go out and buy it - well worth the money for lifetime upgrades. :wink:


And the version that is out now is v4.5.2.1 FYI - just got the email notification today and did the upgrade! hehe