AnyDVD audio/video sync problem



I have been making backup DVD disks for a little while. I ran into a macro problem. I got AnyDVD to take care of this and it did. But then about half way thru the movie the audio/video got out of sync. Now this never happened before I got AnyDVD. This happened with the very first moive I made using AnyDVD. I am using VirtualVCR as my capture program. I was told that I don’t have to use AnyDVD while using VirtualVCR. O.K. What I use to do is VirtualVCR, TMPGEnc, TMPGE DVD Arthur, Nero burn. With these steps where would I use AnyDVD to handle Macro ?

Need help please !
Thanks in advance


Well I guess I came to the wrong place ! When you click on the forum for AnyDVD it takes you to this forum. I read that some cat named Ollie was the inventor/creator of AnyDVD. No replies to my question. Oh well,see ya .


Don’t be so negative…the forums are viewed by
lots of knowledgeable people , give it time and someone
with the expertise will help you out.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.


Originally posted by newbie2030
Well I guess I came to the wrong place ! When you click on the forum for AnyDVD it takes you to this forum. I read that some cat named Ollie was the inventor/creator of AnyDVD. No replies to my question. Oh well,see ya .

I have no idea what is happening to you, but I am certain, that it has absolutely nothing to do with AnyDVD at all.

The reason is simple:

To get Audio/Picture “out of sync”, you need to demultiplex Audio / Video information. I can’t imagine how a stream can get out of sync with itself otherwise.
AnyDVD (or DVD Decrypter) does not demultiplex Video/Audio - why should it? There is no need to do this, this is done at a much later stage by the programs you use afterwards.


Thnks for your reply. You saw the list of things I do to backup a movie. If you had to take a wild guess, educated of course, which do you think is the problem ? And if I don’t have to run AnyDVD while capturing, with virtualVCR, when do I run it to take care of the macro ?


If you are given a software that takes care of all protection, and it does the job without even the need to be clicked on everytime, as well as you have a software that l- let us say - backups your dvd extremely fast and in far best quality than some other progs, WHY would you use something else?

Time, reliability and quality. The two progs AnyDVD and CloneDVD provide it.


Well, Just like everyone else I have heard all the hype about this program and that program. And I have found that not a single one works just like they say it is going to work. AnyDVD included. If they do work they only work for a short time, then another bug comes up. I found a way to do this ; capture to HD, encode, arthur, burn. It worked for a little while. Then M/V problem. AnyDVD was the answer, or so they said. Well I used it twice and I had an A/V sync problem both times. I turn it off and I don’t have an A/V sync prob but M/V is back. It seems that AnyDVD and VirtualVCR have a prob with each other. I ask AnyDVD to help with this prob, and this is like pulling teeth from a rhino, it takes forever. Like all these tech support people they don’t answer the question in plain simple langage, vague and always leave you with having to ask another question. Then they say something like “you don’t need to use AnyDVD with VirtualVCR”. Thats all they say. When DO I use it? Where in the order of my process do I use It , to get rid of M/V ? Now remember I paid for AnyDVD. I expect something in return for my money. Well I have already requested a refund, NO answer to that either. I have NEVER been one to want to bring in Big Brother into the internet because of everything else it brings,ie: sales tax, regulators, but we need something or someone to weed out these companys that sell programs that don’t work for everyone and help them get their money back. If the program works fine, if it doesn’t then return money, simple. They it would work with Windows XP, well it’s not compatibil with VirtualVCR.

Sorry this was kind of long. Hope this answer your question Any advise ?


Well, you have a point. If you paid, you can expect something from the seller, but usually not what you want. And it applies to almost everything. Nevertheless there are - to my point of view - some exceptions. When you are given a chance to try, then you are given the possibility to take a decision without any financial consequences. This is the case with AnyDVD. You have a chance to try. If it does not work for you, good, no obligations whatsoever. If you like it, it is operational, reliable, buy it.

My question is: have you tried before buying or you “just happened to buy it” without knowing the real usefulness of the software for you?

I feel a slight contradiction here. I like AnyDVD and CloneDVD, using the “package” for some days. It works. And I still have some 14 more days to “test” on my PC the software. After the trial period I will buy both, if the software keep being perfect as to this day. This is the way how I purchase software. And if I have problems after that period, I will have the right to “slam the door”.


I have to admit that I am a complete kinda newbie in DVD-copy field, though had a chance to watch the progress.

Relying on my poor personal experience and on the rich experience of my friends, I would suggest: forget any software, just try to use AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Why? Answer is simple:

AnyDVD works calmly and effectively in the background. You just put the DVD in the driver. In 2 seconds it is “free”. And now you make the first click, CloneDVD. It makes everything for you, no voodoo, no adventures in Chapters, subtitle and other sections. It keeps everything in one firm hand. You just click, usually on OK without any changes. The movie is “done” in less than 40 mins. There exists no easier, time-saving method. And finally. The quality of the copy is perfect. I was sceptical, but have to admit that it is simply a genuine work.

So, that is the advice. No ripper-here-and-there-click-here-or-there software. Just use two simple progs and you have your perfect copie.


Well I am glad you are able to get a finished product in just a few steps and so easy. I did not buy cloneDVD. It has been my experience that all these programs say click here and this will happen or click this and this window will come up or the program will do this. I have never, NEVER, had a program react just like the guide says. I will follow the steps one by one and I will always get to some step that won’t do what it says and I get stuck there. The program won’t go any futher. I keep trying but I keep getting stuck in the same place. I contact support and the nightmare starts. If you need to deal with support, because their product doesn’t react as said in the guide, I always print a guide to help me along with setup and operation, then you have enter the Twilight Zone.

You said you use AnyDVD and then CloneDVD and it works fine, for you. Is CloneDVD a capture program ? You said you put the DVD in the driver. Sorry don’t understand, I put the DVD in my DVD player and play it thru the capture card to my hardrive, that takes the length of the movie approx 90 min to 120 min. Then encode which takes approx 10 hours. Then Arthur which takes 10 min, then burn which takes 10 min and I am through.

You said 40 min and have a finished product. Would you mind explaining process to me ?



After ready this thread again, I believe that you are confused… To copy a DVD you do not ‘capture it with a capture card’. You copy it similar to a CD. The AnyDVD program sits in the background and quietly removes the CSS and Macro protections from the original DVD. CloneDVD does the actual coping - it either copies the data directly or shrinks it to fit the destination first.

If you are trying to remove the macro scrambling from a video through your capture card, I believe you are using the wrong program.


Let’s go step by step.

First: I am a foreigner, i.e. English is not my mother tongue.
Second: Despite the above-mentioned fact, I speak it better than you might suppose.
Third: Personal Computers usually have drives. “A” drive is used for a floppy disk. At the same time “A-drive” is quite a different thing, but it could be a subject of another lesson. In what you put your DVD is called drive, DVD drive, because it “drives” a digital disk. “Iomega DVD+RW drives let you create and save video memories onto DVDs or CDs and view them on most DVD players.” It was a quote. Just to prove my “amateurish” point of view.
Fourth: The use and function of the two software (AnyDVD and CloneDVD) were explained very plastically by the Forum member above.
Fifth: AnyDVD takes care of the protection, etc. CloneDVD is the software that copies, and I mean it broad sense. And does it with “one click”. It is more time-consuming to explain than to try, so make a move. Try the software, just the two, nothing else.
Good luck. And btw, I am always open for a discussion in these questions, in a number of languages, you choose. Let’s see.


Sorry about the confusion guys, let me try to make it a little bit clearer.

I have a capture card installed to my mother board. I attach my VHS/DVD player to the capture card and use a capture program, VirtualVCR. I play the DVD in my DVDplayer thru the capture card to my hardrive using the capture program, which takes as long as it takes to play the movie. It is captured to my hardrive as an AVI file. I then take the AVI file, encode it with TMPGEnc, which takes about 10 hours. Then I arthurize with TMPGE DVD Arthur, which takes about 10 min. Then I burn it with my Nero program, about 5 min, and I am through. About 12 and 1/2 hours all together. And your right it is not easy because I have to mess with the settings and color and everything else before I am done.

Now it sounds like you guys have a better system, and I am all ears, so lay it on me.

Thanks for your time with someone who is a little slow.


why not go to and read the on-line manual or click the “help” button in the program?!


Ok , I have downloaded the 30 day trial CloneDVD to go along with my AnyDVD program. I took FutureProofs advise and went to and got the download. I went to the manual to print to use while I try to use CloneDVD. But it will only print 1/2 the page, I tried changing the resolutions but that didn’t work. How do I print the manual ?

Thanks , Newbie2030


Sorry about that, I mean it will only print the left side of the page, not the right side.

Thanks, again !